1. This Sensor TOE highlights developments and advancements in commercial drones including drones for logistics, surveying, fixed wing drones; and sensors used in drones for enhanced navigation and collision avoidance. Sensor TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) captures global sensor-related innovations and developments on a weekly basis. Innovation...


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  2. 10 May 2016  |  Global

    Power Technologies for Drones and Autonomous Robots

    Amidst Fierce Jostling between Emerging Technologies, Lithium Batteries to Emerge as Preferred Choice

    Adoption of Drones and Autonomous robots are steadily increasing in various industries, foremost being healthcare, defense and industrial. Therefore, it's very important that the power sources used in these bots and drones support them to sustain in tough conditions and extreme environment. This research study focuses on identifying the various po...


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  3. This issue of Sensor TOE highlights key developments and opportunities for image sensors in aerospace and drones and other applications. The technologies profiles include highly integrated uncooled thermal imaging camera cores, near infrared image sensors, short wave infrared sensors, and CMOS hyper vision cameras. Sensor TechVision Opportunity En...


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  4. This issue profiles a wireless high definition video link solution for drones, data visualization that will improve marketing performance, and dimensions of indoor positioning system.


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  5. This issue profiles intestinal gas sensing capsules for improved healthcare, improved safety and intelligence for drones, and rapid detection of charge of a single electron.


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  6. Commercial drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are a synthesis of aerial precision robotics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence technologies. UAVs are able to navigate semi-autonomously and perform a variety of tasks, most often involving imaging or payload-bearing capabilities, depending on their individual components.


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