Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Market Research

  1. 10 Apr 2012  |  Global

    Global Enterprise Content Management Market

    Enterprise Content Management (ECM): Built for Speed, Efficiency, and a Reenergized Content World

    The enterprise content management (ECM) market has never been more dynamic than now. With a recharged value proposition and demonstrable value for an ever-widening cadre of enterprise customers, ECM has come into its own. Often sold as an organizational platform upon which content management capabilities can be built, ECM shows rapid ROI, increased...

  2. The world enterprise content management (ECM) solutions market has undergone tremendous change in the last few years, both through product innovation and merger & acquisition activity. This study is a follow up to Frost & Sullivan's 2008 study (N1B1) on ECM. This year, the demarcation lines in the industry are better defined, the capabilities of th...

  3. This research analyzes the global enterprise content management (ECM) market. Frost & Sullivan defines ECM as an enterprise-wide solution in the digital media value chain where content is created, ingested and stored, managed, retrieved, rerendered, repurposed, shared and distributed in a controlled, highly collaborative, secure and user-friendly ...