Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Market Research

  1. 11 Mar 2014  |  Europe

    Analysis of the Global Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Market for Healthcare

    ECM to Complement EMR and HIS in Driving Healthcare Efficiency

    Enterprise content management (ECM) has increasingly been adopted in healthcare in response to the urge to move to 'paperless or paper-light' documentation and the encouragement for health providers to use various healthcare information technologies (IT) to increase their efficiency and quality of care. With large amounts of patient information at ...

  2. The enterprise content management (ECM) market is a contentious one for a report. Some commentators have suggested that the term is a marketing tool, rather than a market. This argument is that web content management (WCM) vendors are simply using the term to protect themselves from pricing pressure within their market. In this report the segmenta...