Logistics Infrastructure

  1. 31 Jan 2018  |  Europe

    Transportation and Logistics Market Insights—Norway

    Digitization, Intelligent Transportation, and Smart Warehouses are Shaping the Future of Logistics in Norway

    Norway is one of the best-performing Nordic economies, and it is driven by public consumption. The steady economic growth is ensured by a stable banking system, a regulatory environment that encourages entrepreneurial activity, and monetary solidity. Economic growth will strengthen gradually until 2018, supported by a rebound in non-oil investment ...

  2. 08 Jul 2013  |  Europe

    Strategic Analysis of Communications-Based Train Control Systems in the Western European Urban Rail Market

    Standardization, Modularity and Capacity Demands Driving Growth

    The study provides a strategic analysis of the Communications-Based Train Control Systems in the Western European Urban Rail Market, primarily covering Semi Automatic Train Operation (STO), Driverless Train Operation (DTO) and Unattended Train Operation (UTO) enabled by radio-based CBTC. The business environment of the Western European rail market ...

  3. 24 May 2013  |  Europe

    Strategic Analysis of Growth Opportunities in the Western European Urban Rail Market for Rolling Stock Systems

    Strong Orders in Light Rail and Automated People Mover Systems is Driving Growth

    The study provides an analysis of the European urban rail market, primarily covering Light rail, Automated people mover systems and metros. The business environment of the Western European urban rail market, its dynamics, and impact on mobility and urbanization have been discussed in great detail. The study provides the unit shipment forecast by se...

  4. The research service provides a detailed assement of the type of caternary systems used in top 6 leading European rail networks - Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdoma and Poland. It analyses the electrification wiring potential in 3 different segments namely electrification renewal, new mainline electrification and high speed line ele...

  5. Europe is the largest market for rail electrification with over 3,05,000 route kilometers of railway infrastructure that comprises of mail line, high speed, light and metro rail networks. 52% of mainline railways in Europe are electrified whereas the remaining segments are completely electrically driven modes of transport. Rising Environmental con...

  6. Europe accounts to 44 per cent of the global light and underground rail rolling stock and remained dominant. However, the most important areas of growth are observed in Asia, with significant growth witnessed in China and India.

  7. The research service analyses the existing European Rail Stress testing market and identifies factors that would influence the need for rail stress devices in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

  8. The European Light Rail and Underground market comprises of a highly integrated industry participants of Original Equipment (OE) manufacturers, suppliers and vendors catering to the needs of the supply and demand of rail operators across different regions.

  9. The research service takes a look at the global logistics market as it stands today. It gives a brief introduction about freight forwarding and contract logistics, and then analyses the portfolios of the top service providers. The study discusses some niche services in the industry which have a high growth potential, like in-night services, cold su...

  10. This research service provides strategic insight into the European market for Light Rail and Underground. It highlights key challenges, drivers and restraints, as well as market trends. A view at the value chain helps to understand relationships within the industry. Key findings will help suppliers, manufacturers and other stakeholders to get a gen...