Amidst increasing global volatility and changing market dynamics, keeping abreast of the latest macroeconomic developments and trends is vital to stay on top of your game. Timely macroeconomic inputs enable you to formulate proactive strategies vis-à-vis reactive strategies, helping you to better deal with challenges and even capitalize on opportunities arising from a volatile environment.

Frost & Sullivan’s Cross-Industries research enables you to continually track:


  • Country specific PESTLE Trends and implications
  • Economic and Industry Parameters
  • Pertinent Economic Issues
  • Emerging Growth Opportunities
  • Global Mega Trends

Time macroeconomic analysis accompanied by data projections helps in assessing global economic and investment conditions, decision making, and geographic expansion strategies.

  1. 30 May 2023  |  Europe

    Developed Europe: Macroeconomic Growth Opportunities, 2030

    Digital Transformation, Large-scale Decarbonization Investments, and Supply Chain Reorientation to Drive Multisector Growth Opportunities

    Developed European nations have had a challenging socioeconomic environment in 2022, especially amidst highly volatile geopolitical tensions and record-high inflationary pressures. Economic growth is likely to remain subdued in 2023 across the whole region as high energy costs weigh on household spending and lower profit margins of businesses, give...

  2. 30 May 2023  |  Global

    Trend Opportunity Profile—Social Trends (Second Edition)

    Transformative Mega Trends Enabling Growth and Innovation, 2030

    This edition of Trend Opportunity Profiles features trend advancements in Social and economic dimensions. The study examines the following trends: • Reskilling, • Food security • Revenge tourism • The “permacrisis” shaping consumer demand • The shifting social status of women • Content creator marketplaces • The pension...

  3. 08 May 2023  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities Driven by the Rise of the Creator Economy

    A New Era Of Digital Innovation is Driving a Media Revolution Among Brands and Marketers

    Marketing is changing rapidly. Customers are no longer driven by advertisements; instead, their purchase decisions are influenced by their favorite content creators. Moreover, owing to the growing time spent online and the increasing amount of content, the creator economy is changing the way marketing is done. In this study, Frost & Sullivan exp...

  4. 03 May 2023  |  

    Transformative Trends Shaping the Gig Economy

    Business World Shifts toward an Alternative Workforce

    Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced changes across the global business landscape, the labor market has transformed drastically and will evolve even more, driven by technological innovation and the risk of recession. These swift changes have boosted demand for gig workers. Frost & Sullivan expects the gig economy to become a workforce mainstay. Th...

  5. 28 Apr 2023  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

    Saudi Arabia—Socioeconomic Transformation and Growth Drivers, 2030

    Transformative Mega Trends in Green Energy, Manufacturing, and Digitalization will Support Economic Diversification

    This research service provides a snapshot of the Saudi Arabian economy by examining the country’s growth conditions and key policies. Following a steep economic contraction in 2020 on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, Saudi Arabia recorded a rebound of around 8.7% in 2022. Robust growth in non-oil sectors such as manufacturing, transport, governm...

  6. 27 Apr 2023  |  Asia Pacific

    Japan Macroeconomic Growth Opportunities, 2027

    Increased Government Spending, Subsidy Support to Households and Businesses, and Loose Monetary Policies to Support Medium-Term Growth

    Following years of subdued growth, the Japanese economy registered a good rebound in 2021, with a real GDP growth of 2.1%. The country’s reopening and the consequent boost to household consumption and consumer spending were key growth drivers of 2022’s estimated 1.1% growth. However, soaring energy and food prices have weighed on Japan’s fisc...

  7. 26 Apr 2023  |  Global

    Frost Radar™ for Economic Development: Global, 2023

    United States, Singapore, and Norway Lead in Growth and Innovation

    The Frost Radar for Economic Development determines a region's future growth and development potential by measuring its ability to enhance its citizens' quality of life (QOL). This report explores key strengths and weaknesses of the global economy through country-level assessments of growth and innovation initiatives and then benchmarks each countr...

  8. 26 Apr 2023  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities Driven by a Zero-latency World

    Frictionless Customer Experience Driving Transformational Growth

    This research service explores the market trends surrounding the growth of zero-latency systems. With an exponential increase in the volume of online activity and the resultant explosion in the amount of data being generated, the speed and reliability of networks have become crucial. This has resulted in an increase in the demand for the developmen...

  9. 29 Mar 2023  |  Global

    Top 50 Emerging Technologies: 2023 Edition - Interactive Deliverable Access

    Technologies Poised to Transform the Future of Organizations

    Frost & Sullivan's Top 50 Emerging Technologies program provides specific answers to critical questions on emerging trends and technologies poised to transform the future of organizations. The emerging technologies expert team has carefully curated cutting edge intelligence on the 50 most valuable and disruptive technologies set to impact organizat...


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  10. 20 Mar 2023  |  Global

    Trend Opportunity Profiles–Social Trends

    Transformative Mega Trends Enabling Growth and Innovation till 2030

    This series of trend opportunity profiles discusses major shifts in family structures, gender communities, and generational consumption behavior impacting economic and social dimensions. The evolution of mentalities in the family structure is shaping the societal acceptance of childless adults prioritizing care-free living; conscious uncoupling ...


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