Performance Materials

  1. 08 Mar 2019  |  Europe

    The Impact of Environmental Certification Schemes on the Construction Industry in Sweden and Denmark, 2018

    Focus on Circular Economy in Construction Pushing the Use of Environmental Certification Schemes in Europe

    The construction industry in Europe is expected to be bolstered by the re-development and renovation activities in Western Europe and new construction activities in Eastern Europe, on account of greater economic stability in the continent. Increasing construction activity augurs well for the prefabricated construction market and high growth in ada...


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  2. 10 Apr 2018  |  Europe

    Western Europe Cosmeceutical Ingredients Market, Forecast to 2024

    Growing Demand for Safe and Natural Cosmetics Drives Cosmeceutical Ingredients Global Revenues

    Cosmeceutical ingredients in Western Europe was €1.09 billion in 2017 and forecasted to be €2.13 billion by 2024 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.1% during the said period. High health awareness amongst consumers in Western Europe and other regions are encouraging more cosmetic product manufacturers to introduce cosmeceutical ing...


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  3. 01 Feb 2018  |  Europe

    Growth Opportunities for Bio-based Chemicals and Materials in Europe and North America, 2017

    Government Support Through Mandates and Incentives, Along with Consumer Interest Toward Greener Products, Accelerate Growth

    This research analyzes the penetration of bio-based chemicals and materials in three main applications that include paints and coatings, plastics, and adhesives and sealants. The study, therefore, has three segments - bio-based paints and coatings, bio-based plastics, and bio-based adhesives and sealants. The deliverable covers North America and Eu...


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  4. 06 Sep 2017  |  Europe

    Impact and Implications of BREXIT on the Plastics and Coatings Market

    Evaluating Favourable Deals between the EU and the UK Remains Critical for Chemical Companies to Facilitate Free Trade, Labour Movement, and Seamless

    The study aims to analyse the impact of Brexit in the European chemical industry with specific focus on coatings and plastics. Research Scope: • Pre and post Brexit Overview (UK chemical industry, European chemical industry) • Key macroeconomic trends (labour, cross border investment, trade policies) • Key Brexit outcomes analysed (Hard a...


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  5. 22 Mar 2017  |  Europe

    Trends in the European Paints and Coatings Market, Forecast to 2021

    Driven by Sustainability Standards and Regulations, High Performance Coatings is Expected to Lead in Western Europe

    The European paints and coatings market is relatively mature. However, end-user preferences and the regulatory scenario have driven coating companies to develop sustainable, multi-functional solutions apart from providing value-added services to their customers. This market insight focusses on providing a snapshot of the European paints and coating...


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  6. 30 Sep 2016  |  Europe

    Analysis of the Western Europe Specialty Flexible Films in Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging Market

    Adaptation to Convenient Foods Drives Market Growth

    Scope of the report The research report includes the following segments: Product scope: Specialty films - metallized films, organic coated films, inorganic coated films, and co-extruded films Geographic scope: Western Europe End-user scope: Specialty flexible films manufacturers in the food and pharmaceutical flexible packaging market Revenue anal...


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  7. 01 Apr 2015  |  Europe

    Western European Market for Polymers in Medical Devices

    Performance and Technological Innovations Boost Market Growth

    Companies in the medical devices industry must have a finger on the pulse of changing technology trends in end-user markets, as it will have a profound impact on the material requirements in these applications. Sustainability is a very strong trend in the performance materials industry, wherein companies tend to move away from using toxic raw mater...


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  8. 20 Feb 2015  |  Europe

    Strategic Analysis of the European Market for High Performance Polymers and Phenolics in Automotive and Aviation Applications

    Increasing Focus on Metal Substitution in High Temperature Applications Steers Demand

    This market insight identifies the major drivers and restraints in the European high performance polymers market in the automotive and aviation industries. The study covers Eastern and Western Europe. It provides an in-depth analysis on high performance plastics such as polyether ether ketone (PEEK), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polymethyl metha ac...


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  9. 09 Jan 2014  |  Europe

    Light-weighting Role of Performance Plastics in the European Automotive Market

    Exterior and Under-the-Hood Applications will Open Up Metal Replacement Opportunities

    This research service identifies the major drivers and restraints and regional, technology and application segment trends in the European automotive plastics market. The study covers the Eastern and Western European markets. It provides in-depth analysis on performance plastics such as PP, PU, PA, PC, ABS, HPP, blends and other compounds, with perc...


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  10. 19 Aug 2013  |  Europe

    Global Analysis of the Automotive Refinish Coatings Market

    Focus on Value-Added Services Critical to Tap Future Potential

    This research service identifies the major industry drivers, restraints, regional trends, and technology segment trends in the global automotive refinish coatings market. The research covers four regions: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and rest of the world (ROW). The study provides an in-depth analysis on solvent- and water-borne coating segm...


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