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  1. 31 Aug 2020  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities for Functional Ingredients in Personal Care

    Innovations in Biosurfactants and Natural Preservatives Changing Industry Dynamics

    Surfactants and preservatives are key functional ingredients in personal care applications that have attracted significant attention from consumers and regulatory bodies in recent years. This is attributed to the challenges faced by the conventional surfactants and synthetic preservatives including adverse effects of these products on the consumers...


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  2. 30 Dec 2019  |  Global

    Disruptive Innovations in Biosurfactants

    Biosurfactants Have the Highest Adoption Potential for Cosmetics and Oil and Gas Sector

    Biosurfactants are becoming an attractive alternative for conventional surfactants. This transition is gaining importance as product developmental efforts in application areas such as cosmetics, personal care, and agriculture have already received satisfying results after shifting toward non-crude-based surfactants. There is also a significant push...


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  3. 25 Dec 2019  |  Global

    Technology Breakthroughs in Antimicrobial Textiles

    Antimicrobial technologies in smart textiles, personal care and personal protective equipment sectors gaining prominence

    This research service is focused on capturing the current technology scenario, emerging innovations and the current trends in antimicrobial textiles. Some of the key aspects covered in this research includes the different types of antimicrobial technologies, both that are currently used and emerging, for the manufacture of antimicrobial textiles. ...


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  4. 04 Nov 2019  |  Global

    Emerging Opportunities for Nanoemulsions

    Nanoemulsions Find Potential as a Targeted and Sustained Delivery System Across Applications

    Nanoemulsions are characterized by high bioavailability and permeability; it can potentially be used to encapsulate both water- and oil-soluble substances. Due to its small droplet size, the encapsulated particles can remain stable for a period of time and can avoid gravitational issues such as Oswald ripening. Due to the abovementioned reasons, t...


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  5. 30 Sep 2019  |  Global

    Disruptive Innovations in Scalp Care

    Plant-derived Active Ingredients Finding Increasing Adoption Potential in Hair Care Products

    This research service titled, “Disruptive Innovations in Scalp Care,” provides an understanding of the different types of actives used in scalp care ranging from chemically derived, plant extracts, algae extracts, microbiome regulations, fermented actives and supernatant cultures primarily targeted towards hair fall treatment, dandruff removal ...


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