Personal Well-being

  1. 24 Dec 2020  |  North America

    Nutricosmetic Ingredients Nurture the Global “Beauty-from-Within” Supplement Markets

    Nutricosmetic Ingredients Benefit from Convergence with Cosmeceuticals and Nutraceuticals

    This research service covers the nutricosmetic ingredients market and describes the growth opportunities for diverse ingredients carotenoids, vitamins, green tea extracts, collagen-peptides, hyaluronic acid, and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), and others such as phytosterols, aloe vera, omega-3 fatty acids, and fruit extracts. The geographical scope is globa...

  2. 11 Dec 2020  |  Global

    Demand for Sustainable Materials Powering the Global Personal Care Packaging Market

    New Product Development Collaborations Drive Strategic Partnering

    This analysis quantifies global consumption of personal care packaging and analyzes the impact of key trends, including the proliferation of eCommerce and evolving consumer preferences that are expected to influence demand for personal care products and by extension for the packaging they arrive in. The COVID-19 pandemic and entailing economic dow...

  3. 03 Dec 2020  |  Global

    Rising Consumer Preference for Naturally Derived Products Transforming the Global Cosmeceutical Ingredients Market, 2025

    Future Growth Potential Enhanced by Opportunities in Sustainable Cosmeceutical Ingredients

    Cosmeceutical ingredients are ingredients with pharmaceutical value. Examples are antioxidants like vitamins and carotenoids used in aging creams which reduce skin aging. This study is segmented on the basis of ingredients (collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, carotenoids, and others) and application (skincare, and hair & nail care). Cosmeceutical ...

  4. 24 Aug 2020  |  Global

    Transformative Mega Trends Driving the Global Personal Care Active Ingredients Market, 2020

    Natural and Sustainable Ingredients Represent Key Growth Opportunities

    Active ingredients are added in personal care and cosmetic products to enhance their functional properties. Active ingredients fulfill anti-aging, exfoliation, sun protection, moisturizing, antimicrobial, and other functions (e.g., skin lightening). They are utilized in various skincare products such as facial and body creams, lotions, masks, and o...