Personal Well-being

  1. 24 Dec 2020  |  North America

    Nutricosmetic Ingredients Nurture the Global “Beauty-from-Within” Supplement Markets

    Nutricosmetic Ingredients Benefit from Convergence with Cosmeceuticals and Nutraceuticals

    This research service covers the nutricosmetic ingredients market and describes the growth opportunities for diverse ingredients carotenoids, vitamins, green tea extracts, collagen-peptides, hyaluronic acid, and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), and others such as phytosterols, aloe vera, omega-3 fatty acids, and fruit extracts. The geographical scope is globa...


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  2. 30 Jan 2020  |  North America

    Transparent Films and Tapes in Healthcare and Lifestyle Markets in North America

    Diverse Wound Aftercare and Wearable Devices Drive the Use of Clean Transparent Films and Tapes in North America

    This study focuses on the North American transparent films and tapes market. The scope of this study includes the transparent films and tapes that are used as direct wound dressings, support or substrate for other dressings, and also to hold wearable devices. Transparent film dressings are polyurethane thin-film, semi-permeable membranes that allow...


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  3. 30 Dec 2019  |  North America

    Growth Opportunities for the Global Personal Care and Cosmetic Preservatives Market, Forecast to 2023

    The Development of Blends with Lower Preservative Concentrations Offering Wider Microbial Coverage are Likely to Offer Higher Growth Prospects in the Market

    The study aims to analyse and forecast the global personal care and cosmetic preservatives market for 2018. Preservatives are specialty chemicals that are used as additives in formulating most personal care and cosmetic products. They are required to preserve the product and prevent it from spoilage or deterioration since a considerable amount of t...


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  4. 18 Oct 2019  |  North America

    Global Oleochemicals Market, Forecast to 2025

    Growth Potential of Oleochemicals in Key Industrial End Applications Stimulates Growth in Major Regions

    This research service focuses on the global market for oleochemicals. Oleochemicals have wide-ranging applications due to the diverse properties that exhibit the needed performance, making them highly adaptable in various industries such as personal care and cosmetics, soaps and detergents, lubricants, rubber and plastics, mining and oilfields, and...


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