Italy's New Business Models in Medical Imaging, Forecast to 2021

An Established Market for Multivendor Services Ripe for Progressive Managed Contracts

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This research study focuses on the drive to operationalize capital and service costs favoring non-conventional business models (MES and MVS) in Italy over traditional capital-intensive purchasing and service models. The study also features a detailed elaboration on the legacy of public-private partnerships (PPP), framework agreement case studies, market opportunity, market size and penetration analysis coupled with merger and acquisitions and the competitive landscape, in addition to growth opportunities.Frost & Sullivan's Definition on MES and MVS for Italy marketManaged Equipment Services (MES): This is a bundled solution that includes the purchase of new equipment in addition to basic maintenance and support

Table of Contents

1. Research Methodology and Study Scope
Geographical Study Scope—Italy
2. Executive Summary—Prospects for Development of New Business Model in Italy
Key Findings
Executive Summary
MES and MVS Appetite and Adoption in Italy
Medical Imaging MES/MVS Vendor Positioning in Italy
Non-Conventional Medical Imaging Business Models in Italy
Frost & Sullivan’s Three Big Predictions
3. Study Introduction—The Importance of New Business Models in the Current Landscape
Background on Study Rationale
Frost & Sullivan Medical Imaging MES/MVS Study Plan
4. Market Definition and Segmentation—Managed and Multivendor Equipment Services
MES and MVS Business Models—Definitions
Market Segmentation by Type of Equipment
MES and MVS Business Models—Procurement Methods
MES and MVS Business Models by Type Framework Agreements
The Legacy of Large Healthcare Public-Private Partnerships and Private Finance Initiatives in Italy
Healthcare Public-Private Partnerships Legacy in Italy
Evolution of Regulatory Framework for PPP in Italy
Public-Private Partnership Types in Italy
Italy Hospital Sector—List of PPP and PFI, Greenfield Project Constructions and/or Administrative Concessions
Public Hospital Procurement Process in Italy
5. Total MES and MVS Market for Capital Imaging Modalities (CT & MRI) in Italy
CT and MR Imaging Equipment Infrastructure in Italy
Illustrative List of Active Large-scale Diagnostic Imaging Framework Agreements
Illustrative List of Active Mid-scale Multivendor Framework Agreements
Illustrative List of Small-scale Multivendor Service Contracts in Italy
Annual MES and MVS Market Revenue Forecast
Recent Large-scale Innovative Service Contract
Potentially Upcoming Large-scale MES-type Partnership
Increasing Push from National and Regional GPOs for Customer-Vendor Partnerships
Regional Communities with High Adoption Rates
MES and MVS Market Revenue Breakdown
Italy MES and MVS Market Penetration Analysis
6. Key Factors Influencing the Medical Imaging MES and MVS Market in Italy
Key Factors Influencing MES and MVS Market Adoption
Sensitive, but Improving National Economic Situation
Payment Delays and the Shift from Capex to Opex Model
Distinct Needs Across the Public and Private Sectors
National and Local GPOs Influencing MES and MVS Contracts
7. MES and MVS Competitive Landscape
A Competitive Landscape Undergoing New Dynamics
Current and Future Landscape Dynamics
Vendor Profile—Philips Healthcare
Vendor Profile—GE Healthcare
Vendor Profile—Siemens Healthineers
Vendor Profile—MESA, Higea SpA by Pantheon Group
Mergers & Acquisitions—Pantheon and TBS
Vendor Profile—TBS Group
Mergers & Acquisition—EBM (TBS Subsidiary) & Esaote
8. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Italy’s New Medical Imaging Business Model—2016
Growth Opportunity—MES and MVS Business Model
9. The Last Word
The Last Word—Three Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
10. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. PPP Projects Completed as of 2007
2. PPP Projects Launched Post 2007
3. PPP Projects Launched in the Last 3 Years, 2014–2017
4. MES and MVS Total Addressable Market: Hospital and Diagnostic Imaging Centers, Italy, 2016
5. Large Scale Radiology Department Outsourcing Contracts – As a Result of PPP
6. National, Regional and Local GPOs
7. MES and MVS Market: CT and MRI Scanner Installed Base Age Profile, Italy 2016
8. MES and MVS Market: Perceived Value of Value-Add Services in MES and MVS Contracts in Public and Private Settings, Italy, 2016
9. MES and MVS Market: Perceived Value of National and Local GPOs in MES and MVS Contracts in Public and Private Settings, Italy, 2016
10. MES and MVS Market: CT and MRI Units Install Base and Maintenance Ratio by Type, Italy, 2015

1. MES and MVS Market: Appetite and Adoption, Italy, 2016
2. MES and MVS Market: Vendor Positioning, Italy, 2016
3. MES and MVS Market: Market Segmentation by Equipment Tier, Italy, 2016
4. MES and MVS Business Model: Contract Framework Agreements, Italy, 2016
5. MES and MVS Market: Italy PPPs across Industries as a Percent of Public Works, Italy, 2002–2013
6. MES and MVS Market: Public Collaborations With the Private Sector, Italy, 2016
7. MES and MVS Market: Revenue Forecast, Italy, 2014–2021
8. MES and MVS Market: Percent Revenue by Contract, Italy, 2016
9. MES and MVS Market: Percent Revenue, Italy, 2016
10. MES and MVS Market: Market Penetration Analysis, Italy, 2015–2021
11. MES and MVS Market: CT Age Profiles in Italy’s Regions, 2014–2015
12. MES and MVS Market: MRI Age Profiles in Italy’s Regions, 2014–2015
13. MES and MVS Market: Healthcare Spend vs. Percent of GDP, Italy, 2011–2016

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