Outlook for Private Labels and Their Impact on Global PPE Markets

Evolution of Private Labels is Expected to Push PPE Manufacturers to Invest and Innovate in Their National Brands

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  • Release Date : 02-Mar-2015
  • Region : North America
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This market Insight focuses on the outlook for private labels and their impact across different personal protective equipment (PPE) markets in select industries worldwide. The term private label refers to PPE products produced by third-party manufacturers for offer in the market under a PPE distributors brand name. Private labels have existed in the PPE market for some time and are perceived as low-cost alternatives to national brands produced by established PPE manufacturers. PPE market segments include head protection, eye and face protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, protective gloves, protective clothing, protective footwear, fall protection, and gas detectors. The base year for this research service is 2014.
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