Personal Protective Equipment in the Global Steel IndustryOutlook and Trends

Growing Preference for Premium Quality PPE Drives Market Revenue

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The objective of this strategic market insight is to assess current trends and future growth prospects for PPE use in the steel industry. The steel industry forms the backbone of the global economy and is the key to ensure economic and infrastructure development. This industry, however, presents one of the most challenging work environments because of the presence of a variety of physical, chemical, mechanical, and electrical hazards. The PPE segments covered include above-the neck protection (head, eye and face, and hearing), respiratory protection, protective gloves, protective clothing, protective footwear, fall protection, and gas detectors. The forecast period is from 2015 to 2019, with 2014 as the base ye

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryMarket OverviewMarket Overview—Definitions and Scope of ResearchOverview of the Steel IndustrySteel Industry—Introduction and OverviewSteel Industry—SignificanceSteel Industry—Key FactsSteel Industry—Workforce CharacteristicsSteel Industry—Global Production ValuesSnapshot of Consolidation Activities in the Global Steel IndustrySteel Industry—Global OutlookSteel Industry—Global Outlook (continued)Steel Industry—Global Outlook (continued)Steel Industry—Value ChainPrimary Steel Manufacturing—Industry SegmentationFabricated Steel Product Manufacturing—Industry SegmentationEmployment OverviewEmployment Overview Steel Industry—A Global Reduction in WorkforceSteel Industry—A Global Reduction in Workforce (continued)Steel Industry—Employment Breakdown by DesignationSteel Industry—Key Occupations and Related TrendsSteel Industry—Key Occupations and Related Trends (continued)Steel Industry—Key Occupations and Related Trends (continued)Steel Industry—Key Occupations and Related Trends (continued)Occupational Health and SafetySteel Industry—Occupational Injury and Illness RatesSteel Industry—Overview of Occupational HazardsSteel Industry—Overview of Chemical HazardsSteel Industry—Overview of Chemical Hazards (continued)Steel Industry—Overview of Physical HazardsSteel Industry—Overview of Impact and Mechanical HazardsSteel Industry—Overview of Fire and Explosion HazardsSteel Industry—Overview of Electrical and Biological HazardsRegulations and StandardsOverview of Regulations and StandardsOverview of Regulations and Standards (continued)Drivers and RestraintsMarket DriversMarket Drivers ExplainedMarket Drivers Explained (continued)Market Drivers Explained (continued)Market RestraintsMarket Restraints ExplainedMarket Restraints Explained (continued)Types of Personal Protective EquipmentSteel Industry—Overview of Required PPESteel Industry—Selection Criteria for PPEAbove-the-neck ProtectionAbove-the-neck Protection—SegmentationAbove-the-neck Protection—Head ProtectionHead Protection—Industry Hazards and RequirementsAbove-the-neck Protection—Eye and Face ProtectionEye and Face Protection—Industry Hazards and RequirementsAbove-the-neck Protection—Hearing ProtectionHearing Protection—Industry Hazards and RequirementsRespiratory ProtectionRespiratory Protection—SegmentationRespiratory Protection—Segmentation (continued)Respiratory Protection—Industry Hazards and RequirementsProtective GlovesProtective Gloves—SegmentationProtective Gloves—Segmentation (continued) Protective Gloves—Industry Hazards and RequirementsProtective ClothingProtective Clothing—SegmentationProtective Clothing—Segmentation (continued) Protective Clothing—Industry Hazards and RequirementsProtective FootwearProtective Footwear—SegmentationProtective Footwear—Segmentation (continued) Protective Footwear—Industry Hazards and RequirementsFall ProtectionFall Protection—SegmentationFall Protection—Segmentation (continued) Fall Protection—Industry Hazards and RequirementsGas DetectorsGas Detectors—SegmentationGas Detectors—Segmentation (continued) Gas Detectors—Industry Hazards and RequirementsOpportunities for Personal Protective Equipment in the Steel IndustrySteel Industry—PPE Revenue EstimatesPPE Opportunity Matrix in Steel IndustryCompetitive Factors and Distribution TrendsCompetitive Factors and Distribution TrendsCompany/Product MatrixCompany/Product Matrix (continued)Company/Product Matrix (continued)ConclusionConclusionLegal DisclaimerThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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