Profiles of Key Coatings Companies in Asia-Pacific, 2016

Market Leaders Offer Best Practices Lessons in Leveraging New Approaches to Drive Coating Sales

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The coatings market in Asia-Pacific can be segmented into decorative coatings, automotive OEM coatings, automotive coatings, can coatings, coil coatings, marine coatings, powder coatings, protective coatings, wood coatings, and other industrial coatings. This Frost & Sullivan study is a profiling of key coatings companies in Asia-Pacific across major coatings segments. A company overview for each of the 65 companies is provided and this includes geographic coverage, financial performance, key strengths and weaknesses, and coatings business descriptions (business unit sales, business strategies, areas of focus, and so on).

Table of Contents

Company ProfileAkzoNobel N. V., The NetherlandsAkzoNobel N. V.—Company OverviewAkzoNobel N. V.—Financial PerformanceAkzoNobel N. V.—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileAsian Paints Ltd, IndiaAsian Paints Ltd—Company OverviewAsian Paints Ltd—Financial PerformanceAsian Paints Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileASTEC Paints Australasia Pty Ltd, AustraliaASTEC Paints Australasia Pty Ltd—Company OverviewASTEC Paints Australasia Pty Ltd—Financial PerformanceASTEC Paints Australasia Pty Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileAxalta Coating Systems Ltd, LLC, The United States(DuPont Performance Coatings)Axalta Coating Systems, LLC—Company OverviewAxalta Coating Systems, LLC—Financial PerformanceAxalta Coating Systems, LLC—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileBASF SE Group, Germany BASF SE Group—Company OverviewBASF SE Group—Financial PerformanceBASF SE Group—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileBauhinia Paints Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Hong KongBauhinia Paints Manufacturing Co., Ltd—Company OverviewBauhinia Paints Manufacturing Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceBauhinia Paints Manufacturing Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileBeckers Group Ltd, GermanyBeckers Group—Company OverviewBeckers Group—Financial PerformanceBeckers Group—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileBerger International Limited, SingaporeBerger International Limited—Company OverviewBerger International Limited—Financial PerformanceBerger International Limited—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileBoustead Sissons Paints Sdn Bhd, MalaysiaBoustead Sissons Paint Sdn Bhd—Company OverviewBoustead Sissons Paint Sdn Bhd—Financial PerformanceBoustead Sissons Paint Sdn Bhd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileByucksan Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd, South KoreaByucksan Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd—Company OverviewByucksan Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceByucksan Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileCashew Co., Ltd, JapanCashew Co., Ltd—Company OverviewCashew Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceCashew Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileChokwang Paint Ltd, South KoreaChokwang Paint Ltd—Company OverviewChokwang Paint Ltd—Financial PerformanceChokwang Paint Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileChongqing Sanxia Paints Co., Ltd, ChinaChongqing Sanxia Paints Co., Ltd—Company OverviewChongqing Sanxia Paints Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceChongqing Sanxia Paints Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileChromaflo Technologies, AustraliaChromaflo Technologies—Company OverviewChromaflo Technologies—Financial PerformanceChromaflo Technologies—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileChugoku Marine Paints Ltd., JapanChugoku Marine Paints, Ltd.—Company OverviewChugoku Marine Paints, Ltd.—Financial PerformanceChugoku Marine Paints, Ltd.—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileDai Nippon Toryo Co., Ltd., JapanDai Nippon Toryo Company—Company OverviewDai Nippon Toryo Company—Financial PerformanceDai Nippon Toryo Company—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileDulux Group Ltd, AustraliaDulux Group Ltd—Company OverviewDulux Group Ltd—Financial PerformanceDulux Group Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileEXCEL India Protective Paints Pvt. Ltd., IndiaEXCEL India Protective Paints Pvt. Ltd.—Company OverviewEXCEL India Protective Paints Pvt. Ltd.—Financial PerformanceEXCEL India Protective Paints Pvt. Ltd.—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileFoshan Jingsha Chemical Co., Ltd, ChinaFoshan Jingsha Chemical Co., Ltd—Company OverviewFoshan Jingsha Chemical Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceFoshan Jingsha Chemical Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileFujikura Kasei Co., Ltd., JapanFujikura Kasei Co., Ltd—Company OverviewFujikura Kasei Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceFujikura Kasei Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileGrauer & Weil (India) Limited, India.(Formerly known as Bombay Paint)Grauer & Weil (India) Limited—Company OverviewGrauer & Weil (India) Limited—Financial PerformanceGrauer & Weil (India) Limited—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileGuangdong Carpoly Chemical Co., Ltd, ChinaGuangdong Carpoly Chemical Co., Ltd—Company OverviewGuangdong Carpoly Chemical Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceGuangdong Carpoly Chemical Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileGuangdong Maydos Chemical Co., Ltd, China Guangdong Maydos Chemical Co., Ltd—Company OverviewGuangdong Maydos Chemical Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceGuangdong Maydos Chemical Co.,Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileGuangzhou Pearl River Chemical Industry Group Ltd, ChinaGuangzhou Pearl River Chemical Industry Group Ltd—Company OverviewGuangzhou Pearl River Chemical Industry Group Ltd—Financial PerformanceGuangzhou Pearl River Chemical Industry Group Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileHanjin Chemical Co., Ltd, South KoreaHanjin Chemical Co., Ltd—Company OverviewHanjin Chemical Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceHanjin Chemical Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileHanoi Synthetic Paint Joint Stock Company, VietnamHanoi Synthetic Paint Joint Stock Company—Company OverviewHanoi Synthetic Paint Joint Stock Company—Financial PerformanceHanoi Synthetic Paint Joint Stock Company—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileHebei Chenhong Chemical Co., Ltd, ChinaHebei Chenhong Chemical Co., Ltd—Company OverviewHebei Chenhong Chemical Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceHebei Chenhong Chemical Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileHempel A/S, DenmarkHempel A/S—Company OverviewHempel A/S—Financial PerformanceHempel A/S—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileJiangsu Lanling Chemical Group Co., Ltd, ChinaJiangsu Lanling Chemical Group Co., Ltd—Company OverviewJiangsu Lanling Chemical Group Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceJiangsu Lanling Chemical Group Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileJiangsu Changjiang Paint and Coatings Co., Ltd, ChinaJiangsu Changjiang Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd—Company OverviewJiangsu Changjiang Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceJiangsu Changjiang Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileJotun A/S, NorwayJotun A/S—Company OverviewJotun A/S—Financial PerformanceJotun A/S—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileKansai Paint Co., Ltd, JapanKansai Paint Co., Ltd—Company OverviewKansai Paint Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceKansai Paint Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileKansai Nerolac Paints Limited, IndiaKansai Nerolac Paint Limited—Company OverviewKansai Nerolac Paint Limited—Financial PerformanceKansai Nerolac Paint Limited—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileKCC Corporation, South KoreaKCC Corporation—Company OverviewKCC Corporation—Financial PerformanceKCC Corporation—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileMarpol Paints Pvt Ltd, IndiaMarpol Paints Pvt Ltd—Company OverviewMarpol Paints Pvt Ltd—Financial PerformanceMarpol Paints Pvt Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileMirotone Australia Pty LtdMirotone Australia Pty Ltd—Company OverviewMirotone Australia Pty Ltd—Financial PerformanceMirotone Australia Pty Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileNippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd, JapanNippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd—Company OverviewNippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceNippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileNoroo Paints and Coatings Co., Ltd, South KoreaNoroo Paints and Coatings Co., Ltd—Company OverviewNoroo Paints and Coatings Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceNoroo Paints and Coatings Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileOxyhin Sdn Bhd, MalaysiaOxyhin Sdn Bhd—Company OverviewOxyhin Sdn Bhd—Financial PerformanceOxyhin Sdn Bhd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfilePPG Industries Inc., United StatesPPG Industries Inc.—Company OverviewPPG Industries Inc.—Financial PerformancePPG Industries Inc.—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfilePT Propan Raya I.C.C, IndonesiaPT Propan Raya I.C.C.—Company OverviewPT Propan Raya I.C.C.—Financial PerformancePT Propan Raya I.C.C.—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileResene Paints Limited, New ZealandResene Paint Limited—Company OverviewResene Paint Limited—Financial PerformanceResene Paint Limited—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileSamhwa Paint Industrial Co., Ltd, South KoreaSamhwa Paint Industrial Co., Ltd—Company OverviewSamhwa Paint Industrial Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceSamhwa Paint Industrial Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileSankeshu Paint Co., Ltd, ChinaSankeshu Paint Co., Ltd—Company OverviewSankeshu Paint Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceSankeshu Paint Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileSeamaster Paint Group, SingaporeSeamaster Paint Group—Company OverviewSeamaster Paint Group—Financial PerformanceSeamaster Paint Group—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileShalimar Paints Ltd, IndiaShalimar Paints Ltd—Company OverviewShalimar Paints Ltd—Financial PerformanceShalimar Paints Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileShanghai Chenhua Paint Mfg Co., Ltd, ChinaShanghai Chenhua Paint Mfg. Co.—Company OverviewShanghai Chenhua Paint Mfg. Co.—Financial PerformanceShanghai Chenhua Paint Mfg. Co.—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileShanghai Coatings Co. Ltd, ChinaShanghai Coatings Co. Ltd—Company OverviewShanghai Coatings Co. Ltd—Financial PerformanceShanghai Coatings Co. Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileShanghai Huili Building Materials Co. Ltd, ChinaShanghai Huili Building Materials Co., Ltd—Company OverviewShanghai Huili Building Materials Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceShanghai Huili Building Materials Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileShinto Paint Co. Ltd, JapanShinto Paint Co. Ltd—Company OverviewShinto Paint Co. Ltd—Financial PerformanceShinto Paint Co. LTD—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileSika Asia Pacific Mgt Pte. Ltd, SingaporeSika Asia Pacific Management Pte Ltd—Company OverviewSika Asia Pacific Management Pte Ltd—Financial PerformanceSika Asia Pacific Management Pte Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileSK Kaken Co., Ltd., JapanSK Kaken Co., Ltd.—Company OverviewSK Kaken Co., Ltd.—Financial PerformanceSK Kaken Co., Ltd.—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileTaiho Paint Co., Ltd., ChinaTaiho Paint Co., Ltd.—Company OverviewTaiho Paint Co., Ltd.—Financial PerformanceTaiho Paint Co., Ltd.—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileThe China Paint Manufacturing Co., Ltd, ChinaThe China Paint Manufacturing Co., Ltd—Company OverviewThe China Paint Manufacturing Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceThe China Paint Manufacturing Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileTianjin Beacon Paint and Coatings Co., Ltd, ChinaTianjin Beacon Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd—Company OverviewTianjin Beacon Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceTianjin Beacon Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileTianjin Shenglin Chemical Co., Ltd, ChinaTianjin Shenglin Chemical Co., Ltd—Company OverviewTianjin Shenglin Chemical Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceTianjin Shenglin Chemical Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileTiger Coatings GmbH & Co.KG, AustriaTiger Coatings GmbH & Co.KG—Company OverviewTiger Coatings GmbH & Co.KG—Financial PerformanceTiger Coatings GmbH & Co.KG—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileTikkurila (China) Paints Co. Ltd, ChinaTikkurila (China) Paints Co. Ltd—Company OverviewTikkurila (China) Paints Co. Ltd—Financial PerformanceTikkurila (China) Paints Co. Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileTOA Paint Co., Ltd, ThailandTOA Paint Co., Ltd—Company OverviewTOA Paint Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceTOA Paint Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileToyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd, JapanToyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd—Company OverviewToyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceToyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileV. Powdertech Co., Ltd, ThailandV. Powdertech Co., Ltd—Company OverviewV. Powdertech Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceV.Powdertech Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileValspar Corporation, The United StatesValspar Corporation—Company OverviewValspar Corporation—Financial PerformanceValspar Corporation—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileYung Chi Paint & Varnish Mfg. Co., Ltd, TaiwanYung Chi Paint & Varnish Mfg. Co., Ltd—Company OverviewYung Chi Paint & Varnish Mfg. Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceYung Chi Paint & Varnish Mfg. Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany ProfileZhejiang Huanqiu Youqi Paint Group Co., Ltd, ChinaZhejiang Huanqiu Youqi Group Co., Ltd—Company OverviewZhejiang Huanqiu Youqi Group Co., Ltd—Financial PerformanceZhejiang Huanqiu Youqi Group Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsCompany Profile4 Oranges Co., Ltd, Vietnam4 Oranges Co., Ltd—Company Overview4 Oranges Co., Ltd—Financial Performance4 Oranges Co., Ltd—Coatings Business DescriptionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixLearn More—Next StepsWhat is—Key DeliverablesMarket Segment DefinitionsThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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