Sensors Innovations Transforming Mining (TechVision)

Increased Opportunities for Health and Safety Sensor

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When it comes to the aspect of change, mining industry is very conservative. Mining operators are hesitant to adopt new solutions because of the fear of losing their jobs. Decisions related to the adoption of innovative technology are taken very cautiously and it is implemented only when it is necessary. So, at present health and safety of the miners is the prime focus area of the industry. Opportunities for new technologies appear to be tough based on the current scenario.  Mines of today are subjected to various issues such as energy and water consumption, increasing operating costs, fluctuating price of commodities, reduction in the profit margin, and health and safety (of miners). Transformation trends suc

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Research Modules1.3 Research Methodology1.4 Research Methodology Explained1.5 Summary of the Mining Industry1.6 Ranking of Transformational Trends1.7 Key Questions for Strategy Planning2.0 Mining Industry – A Sneak Preview2.1 Perspectives on 2016 Mining Industry – Mine Digitization, Enhanced Productivity, Increasing Efficiency, and Convergence2.2 PESTLE Analysis2.3 SWOT Analysis2.4 Emerging Needs in Mining Industry – Smarter Exploration, Efficient Mining Methods, Reduction in Noise, Digitization3.0 Transformation Trends in Mining3.1 Key Transformational Trends in The Mining Industry 3.2 Transforming Demand and Supply Will Lead to Partnership Initiatives3.3 Utilizing a Greener Concept Will Transform Production in the Mining Industry3.4 Innovation in Technologies Will Give Rise to Sustainable Mining3.5 Development in Infrastructure Will Transform the Mining Industry in Emerging Markets3.6 Integrated Industry Will Transform to an Extended Value Chain3.7 Operational Intelligence Will Transform the Complex Mining Industry4.0 Sensors Transforming the Mining Industry4.1 Sensor Applicability in Mining Industry – Exploration, Ore Deposition, Extraction, Processing, Transportation and Communication, and Health and Safety4.2 Steps in the Mining Process – Exploration, Ore Deposition4.3 Steps in the Mining Process – Ore Extraction, Transportation4.4 Steps in the Mining Process – Ore Processing, Health and Safety5.0 Key Sensor Innovations in Health and Safety5.1 Wireless Gas Sensing System5.2 Smart Personal Protective Equipment for Miners5.3 Fiber Optic-based Sensing System5.4 Magnetic Field Positioning System5.5 Seismic Sensor for Position Sensing5.6 Self Powered Armband for Measuring Temperature6.0 Key Sensor Innovation in Exploration6.1 Quantum Cascade Laser on a Silicon Chip7.0 Key Sensor Innovations in Ore Deposition7.1 Near Infrared Image Sensing7.2 CMOS Image Sensing7.3 Compact Image Sensor Based on Hyperspectral Imaging8.0 Key Sensor Innovation in Ore Extraction8.1 Autonomous Machine for Rock Blasting8.2 Multi Lens Camera8.3 On Site Sensor Sorting Solution for Extracted Ore9.0 Key Sensor Innovations in Transportation9.1 LIDAR with 8 Beams9.2 LIDAR with 16 Beams9.3 Thermal Imaging Camera9.4 Time Of Flight-based 3-Dimensional Image Sensing9.5 Vision System Based on Photon Detector10.0 Other Key Sensor Innovations for the Mining Industry10.1 Realsense-enabled Smart Helmet10.2 Fuel Quality Sensing11.0 Impact Assessment of Key Innovations11.1 Impact Assessment Methodology11.2 Impact of Innovations on the Mining Industry12.0 Strategic Perspectives12.1 Impact of Megatrends12.2 Technology Convergence 13.0 Key Patents13.1 Key Patents – Inclination and MEMS Sensor13.2 Key Patents – Methane and Compositional Sensors 13.3 Patent on Wearable Safety Sensor14.0 Key Contacts14.1 ContactsLegal Disclaimer15.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story15.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story15.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career15.3 Global Perspective15.4 Industry Convergence15.5 360º Research Perspective15.6 Implementation Excellence15.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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Release Date : 05-Oct-18

Region : Global

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