Services 2.0: The New Business Frontier for Profitability

Redefining Business Dynamics across the Global Ecosystem of Suppliers, Partners, and Customers

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As part of the Internet of Industrial Things (IoIT) research portfolio from the industrial automation and process control practice, this study offers a detailed assessment of key opportunities for Services 2.0 in manufacturing from an application, technology, and market standpoint. Furthermore, the concept of managed services is set to transform the services methodology. The study strategically examines the transition of services models and explores the different applications of IoIT technologies for services including niche segments such as plant, industrial data, security, and asset/process optimisation. The study period is 2014–2021.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Technological Drivers
Market Drivers
2. Internet of Industrial Things—A Research Perspective
Internet of Industrial Things—The 4 Functional Facets
Frost & Sullivan’s Offering
Services 2.0: The New Business Frontier for Profitability
Research Scope and Objective
3. Transition of Services Models
Evolution of Services
Outlook of Totally Integrated Services
Unplugged Gaps in Totally Integrated Services Model
Mapping of Technologies, Application and Service Segments
4. Exploring IoIT Influenced Manufacturing Services Architecture
Manufacturing Sector Architecture
Rebranding of Service Segments in Manufacturing Sector
Paradigm Shift towards Managed Services
Impact of Converging ICT and OT on Services Models
Application of Big Data Analytics in Manufacturing Services
Predictive Analysis—Opportunity Analysis
Future of Clouds—The Services Perspective
Solving the Smart Services Puzzle
5. Services 2.0—A Gold Mine in Manufacturing
Growth of Technology Oriented Services
Lucrative Future Technological Pillars
Outlook of Niche Service Segments
Opportunity Analysis Across Industry Verticals
Adoption of IoIT Supported Service Modules
Revenue Snap Shot of the Services Markets
Manufacturing Services Market—Revenue Metrics
6. The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
7. Appendix
Abbreviations Used
8. The Frost & Sullivan Story
Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career
Global Perspective
Industry Convergence
360º Research Perspective
Implementation Excellence
Our Blue Ocean Strategy


List of Figures & Charts

1. Services 2.0: New Service Focus, Global, 2014
2. Services 2.0: Research Scope and Objective, Global, 2014
3. Services 2.0: Evolution of Services into a Product, Global, 2014
4. Services 2.0: Totally Integrated Services Model, Global, 2014
5. Services 2.0: Services Mapping Across Small-, Medium-, and Large-scale Industries, Global, 2014
6. Services 2.0: Schematic Model of Technology and its Applications in Service Segments, Global, 2014
7. Services 2.0: Schematic of Manufacturing Sectors, Global, 2014
8. Services 2.0: Totally Integrated Services Model, Global, 2014
9. Services 2.0: Shift from Traditional to Managed Services, Global, 2000 and 2014
10. Services 2.0: Comparison of Existing and Future Service Models, Global, 2014
11. Services 2.0: Process Model of Big Data Analytics Engine in Manufacturing, Global, 2014
12. Services 2.0: Predict Analytics Model, Global, 2014
13. Services 2.0: Evolution of Cloud – Strategic Perspective, Global, 2014
14. Services 2.0: Enabling Smart Services, Global, 2014

1. Services 2.0: Percentage of Investment for Technology Oriented Service Modules in Manufacturing, Global, 2005–2020
2. Services 2.0: Key Areas of Investment for Service in Manufacturing, Global, 2014
3. Services 2.0: Opportunities in Niche Service Segments, Global, 2014
4. Services 2.0: Service Opportunity Index vs. Industry Vertical, Global, 2014
5. Services 2.0: Percentage Analysis of Technology-based Services across Industries, Global, 2014
6. Services 2.0: Technology-based Services Adoption across Regions, Global, 2014
7. Services 2.0: Market Size and Growth Dynamics of Services in Manufacturing, 2014–2021
8. Services 2.0: Revenue Metrics, Global 2014–2021
9. Services 2.0: Percentage Growth of IoIT-based Services
10. Services 2.0: Revenue Metrics and Revenue Snap shot Discussion, Global 2014–2021

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