Technology Advances Empowering Microgrids (Technical Insights)

Advanced Technologies Enabling A New Era of Power Generation and Energy Storage

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The consumers, particularly power guzzlers, are expecting the delivery of quality power with improved system efficiency. The recent blackouts have driven concerns regarding the reliability of the existing grid and power hierarchy. A number of technologies have evolved, thanks to huge investments in the fields of energy efficiency, control systems, power monitoring, and renewable generation. Essentially, the aim is to integrate all these technologies into an automated grid supporting a small area, which can be connected to a larger main grid. This small grid should possess the ability to operate independently when required. These small grids also known as “Microgrids” improve the reliability, efficiency and

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryResearch ScopeResearch Process and MethodologyResearch Methodology (continued)Key Findings Key Findings (continued) Microgrids – A Sneak PreviewMicrogrids – SnapshotMicrogrids – Snapshot (continued)Categorization of MicrogridsMicrogrids–Component TechnologiesMicrogrid Architecture–Key ElementsMicrogrid Architecture–Key Elements (continued)Microgrid Architecture–Key Elements (Continued)Technology Advances Empowering MicrogridsBenefits for Energy ConsumersGrowth Drivers and Industry Challenges Unmet Needs–Technology PerspectiveSensor Innovations Empowering MicrogridsKey Sensor Technologies Enabling MicrogridsKey Providers/ Developers of Sensor Technology Smart Sensors–Sensing + MonitoringInductively-powered Smart Grid SensorICT Innovations Empowering MicrogridsKey ICT Technologies Enabling MicrogridsKey Providers/ Developers of Communication Technology Unified Multi Technology PlatformWireless Network to Power Wide Area M2M CommunicationsEnergy Storage Innovations Empowering MicrogridsKey Energy Storage Technologies Enabling MicrogridsKey Providers/ Developers of Energy Storage Technology Cost-effective and Safe Energy Storage New Approach to Energy Storage Electronics Innovations Empowering MicrogridsKey Electronics Technologies Enabling MicrogridsKey Providers/ Developers of Electronics TechnologyEnergy Saving GaN Power Semiconductor DevicesHighly Efficient SiC TransistorsKey Emerging Technologies Empowering Future MicrogridsNEMO: Grid Planning and DesigningX-Ray Imaging Technique for Investigating Reactions in Li-ion BatteriesSolar-Enabled Heating and Power GenerationSmart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security (SPIDERS) for Secure MicrogridsMicrogrid Projects: Implementation ExamplesMarket PotentialMicrogrid Market Revenue Forecast - 2014 to 2020Strategic InsightsStrategic OutlookStrategic Outlook (continued)Strategic Outlook of Future MicrogridsStrategic Directions Strategic Directions (continued) Strategic Directions (continued) Key Patents & ContactsKey PatentsKey Patents (continued)Key Patents (continued)Key ContactsLegal DisclaimerAppendixProviders/ Developers of Microgrid SolutionsProviders/ Developers of Microgrid Solutions (continued)Providers/Developers of Microgrid Solutions (continued)Providers/ Developers of Microgrid Solutions (continued)Providers/ Developers of Microgrid Solutions (continued)Providers/ Developers of Microgrid Solutions (continued)The Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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