Ultracapacitors--Global Trends and Developments (Technical Insights)

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This research service on Ultracapacitors covers the global trends and developments in the ultracapacitors/supercapacitors/electrochemical double layer capacitor technologies. Ultracapacitor technological trends, application trends, drivers and restraints for various industry players technologies are dealt in this report. This research service also details the research institutions work on ultracapacitors and lists the patents in this area.

Table of Contents

Ultracapacitors--Global Trends and Developments (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryOverviewResearch OverviewResearch MethodologyKey FindingsEmerging Technologies and ApplicationsCompeting TechnologiesUltracapacitors--Global Trends and Developments (Technical Insights), Ultracapacitors: Technology and Applications View PointUltracapacitorsUltracapacitors - Technology PrimerNotable Ultracapacitor and Component ManufacturersNotable Ultracapacitor Technologies from North AmericaSymmetric Carbon Sulfuric Acid-Based SupercapacitorsCarbon Double Layer Capacitors with Organic ElectrolytesCarbon Aerogel-Based Supercapacitor TechnologyNovel Hybrid Technology Offering SupercapacitanceNotable Ultracapacitor Technologies from EuropeAsymmetric Supercapacitor TechnologyNonaqueous Electrolyte-Based SupercapacitorsCarbide-Derived Carbon-Based Supercapacitor TechnologyNotable Ultracapacitor Technologies from APACPolycarbonate Electrolyte-Based Supercapacitor TechnologySupercapacitor Developments in JapanPrismatic Supercapacitors with Low ESRComponent Manufacturers & Vehicle Integrators in SupercapacitorsMicroporous Membranes from EuropePTFE-Based Separators and Electrode AssembliesReady-to-Use Electrolytes for SupercapacitorsUltracapacitors in Integrated Hybrid Electric VehiclesTechnology & Application Impact AnalysisTechnological Trends in UltracapacitorsApplications for UltracapacitorsApplications Trends & Performance Level for SupercapacitorsEvolution of Applications for SupercapacitorsUltracapacitors--Global Trends and Developments (Technical Insights), Ultracapacitors: Technology Adoption and CommercializationAnalysis of Technology ChallengesGeneral Technology ChallengesCompany Specific Technology ChallengesAnalysis of Technology DriversGeneral Technology DriversSpecific Technology DriversAnalysis of Competing TechnologiesCompeting TechnologiesDrivers and Restraints for Competing TechnologiesAnalysis of Market Drivers and ChallengesMajor DriversMajor ChallengesRegulatory StandardsUltracapacitors--Global Trends and Developments (Technical Insights), Ultracapacitors: Research & Development ActivityR&D from North AmericaNanotube Thin Films for Electrodes in SupercapacitorsProcedure for Depositing Metallic Particles on Al Films in Electrodes of SupercapacitorsTexas Researchers Develop Supertough Nanotube FibersR&D from EuropeCAES & Supercapacitors as Hybrid Energy Storage System with MEPTSurface Treatment for Current Collector/Active Material Interface in Supercapacitor ElectrodesResearch on Capacitance Limits for Activated Carbons in EDLCsR&D from APACLifecycle Costs of Ultracapacitors in Electric VehiclesNovel Composite Material for SupercapacitorsJapanese R&D Lab Develops ECaSS TechnologyUltracapacitors--Global Trends and Developments (Technical Insights), Key Patents and ContactsKey PatentsKey US Patents on SupercapacitorsKey European PatentsKey Asian PatentsKey ContactsContacts in Leading CompaniesContacts in Leading Research InstitutionsUltracapacitors--Global Trends and Developments (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2005 Science and Technology AwardsTechnology Innovation AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientExcellence in Technology AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientTechnology Leadership AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientUltracapacitors--Global Trends and Developments (Technical Insights), Critical Reference TablesDecision Support DatabaseWorld Business PC Installed BaseLight Vehicle Sales--North AmericaWorld New Car SalesWorld PC Installed Base

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