2015 Technology Convergence Scenarios

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Convergence Scenario Examples using the top 50 technologies generated by Technical Insights in 2015

Table of Contents

Future UtilityFuture UtilityTechnology SnapshotTechnology TrendsMarket Challenges & OpportunitiesUpcoming Market TrendsInnovators’ ProfilesInnovators’ Profiles (continued)Non-Corporate InitiativesIP AnalysisTechnology Readiness LevelsTotal Market PotentialGlobal FootprintBusiness Model Connected FarmingConnected FarmingTechnology SnapshotTechnology TrendsMarket Challenges & OpportunitiesMarket TrendsInnovators’ ProfilesInnovators’ Profiles (continued)Non-Corporate InitiativesIP AnalysisTechnology Readiness LevelsTotal Market PotentialGlobal FootprintBusiness Model Blind Man’s GuideBlind Man’s GuideSignificance of Convergence ScenarioDevelopment RoadmapKey Technology and Market TrendsTechnology Readiness LevelGlobal Patent TrendsInnovators’ ProfilesInnovators’ Profiles (continued) Key Influencers Global Development FootprintChallenges addressed by the Blind Man’s Guide conceptGlobal Market PotentialBusiness ModelAutomated Decision MakingAutomated Decision MakingTechnology SignificanceBenefits of Automated Decision MakingMarket OpportunitiesMarket Opportunities (continued)Technology Readiness LevelAutomated Decision Making Technology AdoptionGlobal Patent TrendsInnovators’ ProfilesKey Influencers LandscapeMarket Potential – A Sneak Preview Market Revenue ForecastGlobal Development FootprintStrategic Perspectives on Business OpportunitiesStrategic Perspectives on Business Opportunities (continued)Strategic Perspectives on Business Opportunities (continued)Next Generation Connected CareNext-Gen Connected CareTechnology SignificanceDevelopment RoadmapMarket Challenges & OpportunitiesTechnology Readiness LevelsNext-Gen Connected Care Technology AdoptionGlobal Patent TrendsInnovators’ ProfilesGlobal Market PotentialGlobal Development FootprintBusiness Model Seventh SenseSeventh SenseTechnology SignificanceTechnology Development RoadmapMarket Challenges & OpportunitiesTechnology Readiness LevelsTechnology AdoptionGlobal Patent TrendsInnovators’ ProfilesMarket PotentialGlobal Development FootprintBusiness ModelNeuroprosthetics-based Body SuitNeuroprosthetics-based Body SuitTechnology SignificanceTechnology Development RoadmapMarket Challenges OpportunitiesMarket OpportunitiesTechnology Readiness LevelsGlobal Patent AnalysisInnovators’ ProfilesMarket PotentialGlobal Development FootprintBusiness ModelAugmented Reality-Based SurgeryAugmented Reality-Based SurgeryTechnology SnapshotTechnology TrendsMarket ChallengesandOpportunitiesMarketUpcomingTrendsInnovators’ ProfilesNon-Corporate Initiatives. IP AnalysisTechnology Readiness LevelsMarket PotentialGlobal FootprintBusiness Model Virtual Education-as-a-Service Virtual Education-as-a-ServiceTechnology SnapshotTechnology TrendsMarket Challenges& OpportunitiesMarket Upcoming TrendsInnovators’ ProfilesNon-Corporation InitiativesIP AnalysisTechnologyReadinessLevelsMarket PotentialGlobal FootprintBusiness Model Augmented Reality for Enhanced User ExperienceAugmented Reality for Enhanced User ExperienceTechnologySnapshotTechnologyTrendsChallenges& OpportunitiesMarket TrendsInnovators’ ProfilesNon-corporate InitiativesIP AnalysisTechnology Readiness LevelsMarket PotentialGlobal FootprintBusiness ModelLegal DisclaimerThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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