3D Bioprinting: Transforming The Future of Healthcare Sector (Technical Insights)

Ushering a new era in the healthcare sector

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The future of three-dimensional bioprinting (3DBP) and its transformation of the healthcare sector will be determined by the breadth and depth of its application potential, and its ability to unleash a whole new world of application segments. From printing a tissue or cells to developing human organs, 3DBP has demonstrated capability in the world of prototyping. In the future, the impact of 3DBP is expected to profoundly affect multiple industries.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryResearch ScopeResearch MethodologyKey Findings–3DBP will Significantly Impact the Development of Artificial Organs in the Healthcare SectorMajor Shifts in the Healthcare SectorWhat are the Big Shifts Expected in the Healthcare Sector by 2020?1. Medical Devices: Mind-Machine Interface2. Medical Devices: Continuous Patient Monitoring (CPM) 3. Medical Devices: Mobile Health 4. Life Sciences: Artificial Organs 5. Pharmaceuticals: Smart Pills6. Diagnostics: Optical Imaging 7. Diagnostics: Advanced VisualizationWhat is the Role of Manufacturing Innovations in Healthcare?Role of 3D BioprintingHow Can 3DBP Change the Paradigm of the Healthcare Sector?Is 3DBP Ready for Commercialization?How Will 3DBP Evolve in the Healthcare Sector?Movers and Shakers in 3DBPHow Will 3D Bioprinting Transform the Healthcare Sector?Significance of 3DBP for Soft Tissue PrintingImpact and Opportunity Landscape of 3DBP for Soft Tissue Printing Significance of 3DBP for Hard Tissue PrintingImpact and Opportunity Landscape of 3DBP for hard Tissue PrintingSignificance of 3DBP for Organ PrintingImpact and Opportunity Landscape of 3DBP for Organ Printing 3D Bioprinting Enabling Transformation of Healthcare SectorEvaluation Metrics to Assess the Degree of Transformation Introduced by 3DBP in HealthcareFramework to Assess the Degree of Transformation Introduced by 3DBP in HealthcareInnovation Landscape and Best PracticesProfiles of InnovatorsPrinting of Complicated Organs, Exploring Newer Materials and Expanding Application Base Attracts Funding Patent Trends–Increase in Patent PublishingRegion-wise Development Efforts and Best Practices to Create and Capture ValueStrategic PerspectivesStrategic InsightsKey PatentsKey PatentsKey Patents (Continued)Legal DisclaimerThe Frost & Sullivan StoryWho is Frost & SullivanWhat Makes Us UniqueTEAM MethodologyOur Global Footprint 40+ Offices

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