African Infrastructure Tracker—South Africa

Analysis of South Africa’s Key Infrastructure Projects

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South Africa is the southernmost country in the African continent, with a coastline of 2,954 km stretching along the South Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean in the south. It is a member of the Southern African Customs Union (SACU), the Southern African Development Community (SADC), and the Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA). This connectivity has provided significant regional trade opportunities for the country, facilitating significant developments in transport, energy, and social infrastructure. The government of South Africa has encouraged enhanced private participation to facilitate rapid developments in the road, rail, ports, airport, ICT, and social infrastructure of the country in the next 5 years.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryKey FindingsKey Findings (continued)Key Findings (continued)IntroductionIntroductionIntroduction (continued)National Development Plan 2030Strategic Integrated ProjectsStrategic Integrated Projects (continued)Strategic Integrated Projects (continued)Strategic Infrastructure Projects (continued)Country OverviewSouth Africa—Country OverviewSouth Africa—Sector-wise GDP Contribution and GrowthSouth Africa—Infrastructure PolicySouth Africa—Budget AllocationTransport InfrastructureTransport InfrastructureRoad InfrastructureRoad InfrastructureRoad Infrastructure (continued) Road Infrastructure (continued) Road Infrastructure—Regulatory InstitutionsRoad Infrastructure—Regulatory Institutions (continued)SANRAL—Road ProjectsSANRAL—Road Projects (continued)Johannesburg Road Agency—Road ProjectsRail InfrastructureRail InfrastructureRail Infrastructure (continued)Gautrain Expansion ProjectRail Infrastructure—Regulatory InstitutionsPRASA ProjectsPRASA Projects (continued)PRASA—Signaling ProgramPlanned Rail NetworkDevelopment Plans—Rail Core Network Systems Development Plans—Rail Core Network Systems (continued)Development Plans—Rail Core Network Systems (continued)Rail Core Network Systems—Planned Rail Projects Port Infrastructure Port Infrastructure Port Infrastructure (continued)Port Statistics Port Infrastructure—Regulatory InstitutionsSaldanha Bay Port—DescriptionSaldanha Bay Port—LayoutSaldanha Bay Port—Development Saldanha Bay Port—Development (continued)Saldanha Bay Port—Investment Cape Town Port—DescriptionCape Town Port—Layout Cape Town Port—Development Cape Town Port—Development (continued)Cape Town Port—InvestmentMossel Bay Port—DescriptionMossel Bay Port—LayoutMossel Bay Port—DevelopmentMossel Bay Port—Development (continued)Mossel Bay Port—InvestmentPort Elizabeth Port—DescriptionPort Elizabeth Port—Layout Port Elizabeth Port—Development Port Elizabeth Port—Development (continued)Port Elizabeth Port—InvestmentNgqura Port—DescriptionNgqura Port—Layout Ngqura Port—Development Ngqura Port—Development (continued)Ngqura Port—InvestmentEast London Port—DescriptionEast London Port—Layout East London Port—Development East London Port—Development (continued)East London Port—InvestmentDurban Port—DescriptionDurban Port—Layout Durban Port—Development Durban Port—Development (continued)Durban Dig-out Port (DDOP)Durban Port—InvestmentRichards Bay Port—DescriptionRichards Bay Port—Layout Richards Bay Port—Development Richards Bay Port—Development (continued)Richards Bay Port—InvestmentAirport Infrastructure Airport InfrastructureAirport Infrastructure (continued)Airport Infrastructure (continued)Airport Infrastructure—Regulatory InstitutionsEkurhuleni Aerotropolis Master PlanEkurhuleni Aerotropolis—Core PrinciplesEkurhuleni Aerotropolis Master PlanPlanned Airport ProjectsPlanned Airport Projects (continued)Other DevelopmentsOther Developments (continued)Other Developments (continued)Threats Analysis—Transport InfrastructureThreat Analysis of Completion of Transport ProjectsThreat Analysis of Completion of Transport Projects (continued)Threat Analysis of Completion of Transport Projects (continued)Energy InfrastructureEnergy InfrastructureEnergy Infrastructure (continued) Energy Infrastructure (continued)Energy Infrastructure (continued)Energy Infrastructure—Regulatory InstitutionsEnergy Infrastructure—Regulatory Institutions (continued)Power Generation ProjectsGeneration Plan 2015–2025Power Transmission and Substation ProjectsTransmission InfrastructureTransmission Projects—Completed FY2014 and FY2015 Transmission Projects—Completed by FY2015 and FY2016 Gauteng Province—ProjectsGauteng Province—Projects (continued)Gauteng Province—Projects (continued)Kwazulu-Natal Province—Projects Kwazulu-Natal Province—Projects (continued)Limpopo Province—ProjectsLimpopo Province—Projects (continued)Mpumalanga Province—ProjectsMpumalanga Province—Projects (continued)North West Province—ProjectsFree State Province—ProjectsNorthern Cape Province—ProjectsNorthern Cape Province—Projects (continued)Northern Cape Province—Projects (continued)Eastern Cape Province—ProjectsWestern Cape Province—ProjectsWestern Cape Province—Projects (continued)Western Cape Province—Projects (continued)Transmission Projects—Investment Analysis Renewable Energy ProjectsREIPPP ProgramIntegrated Resource Plan (IRP) 2010–2030REIPPP ProgramProject Overview—Window 2Project Overview—Window 3Project Overview—Window 3 (continued)Project Overview—Window 3.5Project Overview—Window 4Project Overview—Window 4 (continued)Project Overview—Window 4.5Oil & Gas ProjectsOil & Gas InfrastructureSouth Africa—Pipeline Network Future Liquid Fuels Project—Mthombo Refinery ProjectFuture Liquid Fuels Project—Mthombo Refinery Project (continued)Proposed PipelinesProposed Pipelines (continued)Operation Phakisa—Ocean EconomyOffshore Oil & Gas Exploration—11 Initiatives Operation Phakisa—Gas PipelineSaldanha Bay LPG ProjectPotential Gas Pipeline Network—Future Projects New Multi-product Pipeline (NMPP) Project24-inch Multi-product Pipeline (MPP24)Development ScenariosMPP24—Accumulator TerminalsTransnet Pipelines Seven-year Investment PlanTransnet Pipelines 30-year Investment PlanTransnet Pipelines 30-year Investment Plan (continued)Pipeline and Terminal OpportunitiesThreat Analysis—Energy Projects Threat Analysis of Completion of Energy ProjectsThreat Analysis of Completion of Energy Projects (continued)Threat Analysis of Completion of Energy Projects (continued)ICT InfrastructureICT InfrastructureICT Infrastructure (continued)ICT Infrastructure (continued)Optic Fiber Infrastructure Optic Fiber Infrastructure (continued)ICT Infrastructure—Regulatory InstitutionsICT Infrastructure—Regulatory Institutions (continued)ICT Infrastructure—Key Ongoing and Future ProjectsSquare Kilometer Array ProjectSquare Kilometer Array Project (continued)Threat Analysis—ICT ProjectsThreat Analysis of Completion of ICT Projects Threat Analysis of Completion of ICT Projects (continued)Social InfrastructureSocial Infrastructure Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Water and Wastewater InfrastructureWater and Wastewater Infrastructure (continued)Water and Wastewater Infrastructure (continued)Water Projects Water Projects (continued)Water Projects (continued)Wastewater ProjectsEducation InfrastructureEducation Infrastructure Education Infrastructure (continued) Education ProjectsHealth InfrastructureHealth Infrastructure Health ProjectsHealth Projects (continued)Health Projects (continued)Threat Analysis—Social ProjectsThreat Analysis of Completion of Social ProjectsThreat Analysis of Completion of Social Projects (continued)ConclusionsConclusionsThe Last WordThe Last Word—3 Big Predictions Legal DisclaimerAppendixAbbreviations Abbreviations (continued)Abbreviations (continued)Abbreviations (continued)The Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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