Alibaba in the Automotive Market in China, 2017–2025

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Alibaba is leading a new wave in the automotive market in China. It is enhancing its supply chain to a higher and concentrated vertical level, by interconnecting leading automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), small and medium enterprises (SMEs), distributors, retailers, and consumers from offline presence to online involvement.More than 50 automotive OEMs have penetrated into Tmall’s official online flagship store since 2010. For instance, Tmall achieved a total of 150,000 units of new car sales within 24 hours on the Double 11 (11.11) Day in China in 2017. It achieved 50% year-on-year (YoY) growth rate during 2016–2017.Alibaba’s key automotive products and services include new cars, used car

Research Scope

The goal of this study is to evaluate the impact of Alibaba on the automotive market in China, focusing on new car, used car, and parts retail and repair and maintenance services. It analyzes the company’s potential impact on the growth and performance of the overall automotive retail market and the capabilities of advanced technologies such as AI and Big Data analytics. The study discusses the expected development of Alibaba in the automotive market until 2025.

Key Features

  • To provide an overview of Alibaba’s business models and eCommerce platforms
  • To discuss the development of Alibaba’s B2B and B2C platforms in the automotive context
  • To provide market insights on Alibaba’s current and future offerings in the automotive market
  • To present information about Alibaba’s potentialities that are critical to the eCommerce business across the repair and maintenance services, new cars, used cars, and parts retailing segments
  • To evaluate the eCommerce growth opportunities for stakeholders to grow in new car, used car, and parts sales, as well as insurance and repair and maintenance services in the Chinese automotive market

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the eCommerce opportunities for Alibaba in the automotive business?
  • What are the key benefits offered to automotive market participants and consumers, and how do they impact the participants?
  • What are the main pricing and cost models, and what are the developments expected from Alibaba for the automotive market in long term?
  • What are the core offerings and exclusive value offerings of Alibaba provided to the automotive market and how do they influence the market?
  • How is the Alibaba’s online set-up in the new car, used car, and parts retail segments?

Table of Contents

Alibaba in the Automotive Market in China, 2017–2025Executive SummaryKey FindingsAlibaba’s Top 5 Achievements in 2017Alibaba’s Business OverviewAlibaba’s Services SnapshotGlobal eCommerce Market OutlookAlibaba’s eCommerce OutlookAutomotive Participants of Taobao and TmallTop 5 Automotive Trends in AlibabaAlibaba’s Automotive Value Chain OverviewResearch Scope, Objectives, and MethodologyResearch ScopeResearch Aims and ObjectivesKey Questions this Study will AnswerResearch MethodologyResearch BackgroundAlibaba’s Unique Potential in the Automotive MarketAlibaba’s Potential in the Automotive MarketBenefits for Alibaba’s SellersBenefits for Alibaba’s BuyersAlibaba’s Core Offerings to the MarketAlibaba’s Core Offerings to the Market (continued)Alibaba as a Platform in the Automotive MarketPurchase Process of Alibaba on eRetailingExclusive Value Offerings by AlibabaImpact of Alibaba on eRetailingCost Models AnalysisCost Models Analysis (continued)Alibaba’s Opportunity AnalysisAlibaba’s Opportunity AnalysisTop 5 Automotive Trends in AlibabaAlibaba Cloud and YunOS Digital Marketing New RetailingCase Study—Automotive Vending MachineCase Study—3 Years of Strategic Cooperation Between Alibaba & FordCase Study—Major OEMs and AlibabaCase Study—Major OEMs and Alibaba (continued)Case Study—Major Parts Distributors and AlibabaCase Study—Traditional Vs Alibaba Set-up in New Car RetailCase Study—Traditional Vs Alibaba Set-up in Used Car RetailCase Study—Traditional Vs Alibaba Set-up in Parts Retail Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action Growth Opportunity—Alibaba in the Automotive Market in ChinaStrategic Imperatives for Success and Growth Conclusions and Future Outlook Key Conclusions and Future OutlookThe Last Word—Three Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixTable of Anonyms UsedList of ExhibitsList of Exhibits (continued)List of Exhibits (continued)The Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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