Analysis of the European Vaccines Market

Novel Technology Innovations and Therapeutic Vaccines are Likely to Revolutionise the Industry

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The Research Service provides analysis and assessment of the European Vaccines Market, maps the key trends and dynamics shaping the industry sector, provides valuable insights on pipeline analysis and competitive landscape and discusses the strategic recommendations for the success of the market participants. This study provides an in-depth analysis of the European Vaccines Market, in terms of the adult and paediatric vaccines market segments as well as the key vaccine-preventable infectious disease segments, with specific focus on the key five countries - Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

Table of Contents

Analysis of the European Vaccines Market, Executive SummarySummary of the European Vaccines MarketExecutive SummaryAnalysis of the European Vaccines Market, Market OverviewOverview of the European Vaccines MarketMarket OverviewAnalysis of the European Vaccines Market, Vaccines and ImmunisationVaccines - An OverviewVaccines DefinitionTypes of VaccinesVaccine Preventable DiseasesVaccines Development RoadmapAnalysis of the European Vaccines Market, Introduction to the European Vaccines MarketEuropean Vaccines IndustryVaccines ProductionVaccines ExportsVaccines R&DVaccine R&D Funding and InvestmentVaccines Market Access TimeAnalysis of the European Vaccines Market, Drivers and Restraints - Total MarketAnalysis of Key Market Drivers and RestraintsDrivers and Restraints - Duration and ImpactDrivers - ExplainedRestraints - ExplainedImpact Mapping of Drivers and RestraintsAnalysis of the European Vaccines Market, Market Trends and Revenue Forecasts - Total MarketKey Market Trends and Revenue ForecastsKey Market TrendsKey Technology TrendsMarket Impact of Key TrendsProvenge- The First Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine EverEuropean Vaccines Market - Market Engineering MeasurementsEuropean Vaccines Market - Revenue ForecastsAnalysis of the European Vaccines Market, Market Share and Competitive Analysis - Total MarketCompetitive Landscape AnalysisCompetitive Analysis - Market ShareMarket Share AnalysisCompetitive StructureTop Competitors - SWOT AnalysisBreadth of Vaccines Portfolio by CompanyCompetitor Growth AnalysisAnalysis of the European Vaccines Market, Profiling of Key Market ParticipantsGSKGSK Vaccines - OverviewGSK - Revenue Contribution by ProductGSK - Revenue Contribution by RegionGSK Vaccines in PipelineSanofi Pasteur MSDSanofi Pasteur MSD Vaccines - OverviewSanofi Pasteur MSD - Revenue Contribution by ProductSanofi Pasteur MSD - Vaccines in PipelinePfizerPfizer Vaccines - OverviewPfizer - Revenue Contribution by RegionPfizer - Vaccines in PipelineNovartisNovartis Vaccines - OverviewNovartis - Revenue Contribution by ProductNovartis - Revenue Contribution by RegionNovartis - Vaccines in PipelineCrucell (Johnson & Johnson)Crucell (Johnson & Johnson) Vaccines - OverviewCrucell (Johnson & Johnson) - Revenue Contribution by ProductCrucell (Johnson & Johnson) - Vaccines in PipelineAnalysis of the European Vaccines Market, Pipeline AnalysisAnalysis of Promising Pipeline Vaccine CandidatesMost Promising Vaccine CandidatesAnalysis of the European Vaccines Market, Regulatory AnalysisAnalysis of Regulatory GuidelinesThe European Union Regulatory FrameworkVaccine Antigen Master Files (VAMF)European Union Regulations on Public ProcurementEuropean Union Regulations on Paediatric VaccinesAnalysis of the European Vaccines Market, Demographic SegmentationMarket Segmentation by DemographicsAdult Vaccines and Paediatric Vaccines OverviewPaediatric Vaccines Segment - Market Engineering MeasurementsPaediatric Vaccines Segment - Revenue ForecastsPaediatric Vaccines Segment - Revenue Forecast DiscussionAdult Vaccines Segment - Market Engineering MeasurementsAdult Vaccines Segment - Revenue ForecastsAdult Vaccines Segment - Revenue Forecast DiscussionAnalysis of the European Vaccines Market, Disease SegmentationInfluenza Vaccines SegmentInfluenza Vaccines Segment - Market Engineering MeasurementsInfluenza Vaccines Segment - Revenue ForecastInfluenza Vaccines Segment - Revenue Forecast DiscussionPneumococcal Vaccines SegmentPneumococcal Vaccines Segment - Market Engineering MeasurementsPneumococcal Vaccines Segment - Revenue ForecastPneumococcal Vaccines Segment - Revenue Forecast DiscussionMeningococcal Vaccines SegmentMeningococcal Vaccines Segment - Market Engineering MeasurementsMeningococcal Vaccines Segment - Revenue ForecastMeningococcal Vaccines Segment - Revenue Forecast DiscussionMMR/Varicella Vaccines SegmentMMR/Varicella Vaccines Segment - Market Engineering MeasurementsMMR/Varicella Vaccines Segment - Revenue ForecastMMR/Varicella Vaccines Segment - Revenue Forecast DiscussionDTP Vaccines SegmentDTP Vaccines Segment - Market Engineering MeasurementsDTP Vaccines Segment - Revenue ForecastDTP Vaccines Segment - Revenue Forecast DiscussionHPV Vaccines SegmentHPV Vaccines Segment - Market Engineering MeasurementsHPV Vaccines Segment - Revenue ForecastHPV Vaccines Segment - Revenue Forecast DiscussionHepatitis Vaccines SegmentHepatitis Vaccines Segment - Market Engineering MeasurementsHepatitis Vaccines Segment - Revenue ForecastHepatitis Vaccines Segment - Revenue Forecast DiscussionRotavirus Vaccines SegmentRotavirus Vaccines Segment - Market Engineering MeasurementsRotavirus Vaccines Segment - Revenue ForecastRotavirus Vaccines Segment - Revenue Forecast DiscussionSegment Share EvolutionDisease Segment - Segment Share EvolutionAnalysis of the European Vaccines Market, Country BreakdownGerman Vaccines MarketGermany BreakdownImmunisation ScheduleVaccination Rates by AntigenGerman Vaccines Market - Market Engineering MeasurementsGerman Vaccines Market - Revenue ForecastsVaccines Procurement and DistributionFrench Vaccines MarketFrance BreakdownImmunisation ScheduleVaccination Rates by AntigenFrench Vaccines Market - Market Engineering MeasurementsFrench Vaccines Market - Revenue ForecastsVaccines Procurement and DistributionThe UK Vaccines MarketThe United Kingdom BreakdownImmunisation ScheduleVaccination Rates by AntigenThe UK Vaccines Market - Market Engineering MeasurementsThe UK Vaccines Market - Revenue ForecastsVaccines Procurement and DistributionItalian Vaccines MarketItaly BreakdownImmunisation ScheduleVaccination Rates by AntigenItalian Vaccines Market - Market Engineering MeasurementsItalian Vaccines Market - Revenue ForecastsVaccines Procurement and DistributionSpanish Vaccines MarketSpain BreakdownImmunisation ScheduleVaccination Rates by AntigenSpanish Vaccines Market - Market Engineering MeasurementsSpanish Vaccines Market - Revenue ForecastsVaccines Procurement and DistributionAnalysis of the European Vaccines Market, The Last WordConclusions and ImplicationsThe Last Word - Six Big PredictionsAnalysis of the European Vaccines Market, Strategic RecommendationsStrategic Recommendations Strategic Recommendations for the Success of Market ParticipantsStakeholders Involved in Strategic Decision-Making and ImplementationAnalysis of the European Vaccines Market, AppendixSupport DatatablesMarket Engineering MethodologyList of Diseases Included in "Others" SegmentAdditional Sources of Information on Vaccines MarketTable of Acronyms UsedDatabase of Key Industry ParticipantsDecision Support Database

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