Analysis of the Global Advanced Lead Acid (ALA) Batteries Market

Technological Evaluation and Assessment of the Threat ALA Batteries Pose to Lithium Ion Batteries

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Lead acid (LA) chemistry is one of the oldest, and commercially most well-established, battery technologies. In the past 15–20 years, LA batteries have faced increasing competition from “advanced” battery technologies, perhaps most importantly from lithium ion. In response, the LA battery industry has invested significant R&D resources to improve the technology’s performance and make it more competitive. This study assesses some of the main developments in ALA battery technologies and considers the threat ALA batteries pose to lithium ion batteries. The base year is 2013 and the forecast period ends in 2030.

Table of Contents

Analysis of the Global Advanced Lead Acid (ALA) Batteries MarketExecutive SummaryKey FindingsContext of StudyContext of Study (continued)Scope of StudyScope of Study(continued)Key DefinitionsDashboard of Key Results and ConclusionsDashboard of Key Results and Conclusions (continued)Key Results and Conclusions—DiscussionKey Results and Conclusions—Discussion Current Development Status by TechnologySummary of Technical Specifications by Technology—Current LevelSummary of Technical Specifications by Technology—Projected Level to 2030Matrix of Technology Suitability by ApplicationTechnology Scope of StudyIntroduction to VRLA Batteries—Explanation of Basic PrinciplesDevelopment and Commercialization History—VRLA-AGM and GelOverview of the Technology—VRLA-AGM and GelDevelopment Status—Current Status of VRLA-AGMNotable Partnerships—VRLA-AGMTechnical Evaluation vs. Defined Specifications—VRLA-AGMAdvantages, Disadvantages, and Barriers—VRLA-AGMOverview of the Technology—VRLA-gelDevelopment Status—Current Status of VRLA-gelTechnical Evaluation vs. Defined Specifications—VRLA-gelAdvantages, Disadvantages, and Barriers—VRLA-gelKey Participant Profiles—VRLA: East Penn Manufacturing Key Participant Profiles—VRLA: EnerSysKey Participant Profiles—VRLA: Exide Technologies Key Participant Profiles—VRLA: FIAMM Key Participant Profiles—VRLA: GS Yuasa Key Participant Profiles—VRLA: Johnson Controls Key Participant Profiles—VRLA: Tianjin Lantian Power Sources Company Key Participant Profiles—VRLA: Trojan, Battery Company Key Participant Profiles—VRLAOverview of the Technology—Enhanced FloodedDevelopment and Commercialization History—Enhanced FloodedDevelopment Status—Current Status of Enhanced FloodedKey Participant Profiles—Enhanced Flooded: Banner Battery Key Participant Profiles—Enhanced Flooded:BoschKey Participant Profiles—Enhanced Flooded:Moll BatteriesKey Participant Profiles—Enhanced FloodedNotable Partnerships—Enhanced FloodedTechnical Evaluation vs. Defined Specifications—Enhanced FloodedAdvantages, Disadvantages, and Barriers—Enhanced FloodedOverview of the Technology—LC (VRLA or Flooded; Some are Hybrid Battery-ultracapacitors) Development and Commercialization History—LCDevelopment Status—Current Status of LCKey Participant Profiles—LC:Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC)Key Participant Profiles—LC:AXION POWER Key Participant Profiles—LC: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO)Key Participant Profiles—LC: Firefly International Energy Key Participant Profiles—LC:Furukawa Battery Key Participant Profiles—LCNotable Partnerships—LCNotable Partnerships—LC (continued)Technical Evaluation vs. Defined Specifications—LCAdvantages, Disadvantages, and Barriers—LCLegal DisclaimerAppendixList of AcronymsThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue PropositionGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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