Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market in Europe

Telematics Penetration to Reach 30% by 2022, Generating €6.3 Billion

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The aim of this study is to analyze the developments of telematics industry for CVs in Europe and present an outlook of market growth, opportunities, and performance. The major focus is market trends (CV OEMs' increasing focus in telematics market, mobile freight brokerage, growing demand for field service management, video safety solutions, and 1-Fleet Alliances); regional trends (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Benelux, the Nordics,Iberia, and Rest of Europe ) in services, solutions, and technologies. The study highlights telematics opportunities created by integrating video-based safety solutions, mobile-based freight exchange, and field service management with mainframe telematics to improve safety, operational efficiency, load management, and to reduce empty miles. Telematics service business models, roadmap for key telematics services to be integrated, and growth/revenue analysis till 2022 are also included. Market measurements were analyzed for 2015–2022 (CV telematics scenario analysis by installed base, CV telematics—addressable market by country, CV telematics penetration by fleet size, hardware and service revenue forecast). Market focus and market share details of key participants, such as TomTom Telematics, Masternaut, Trimble Navigation, 1-Fleet Alliance, Teletrac navaman, Transics, Microlise, and Isotrak and OEMs (Daimler Trucks, Volvo Trucks, Scania Trucks, MAN Trucks, Volkswagen-vans UK, Ford Europe, Toyota Europe, PSA Group, and Mercedes-Benz vans) are included. The base year for the study is 2015 and forecast period is from 2016 to 2022.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer:
1. What is the current status of the CV telematics market in Europe?
2. What's in store for CV telematics in the short, medium, and long terms?
3. What will be the potential CV telematics market size in Europe 2015 through 2022?
4. What are the key CV telematics solutions?
5.What are the key CV telematics solutions likely to be launched in the near future?
6. Who are the major CV telematics market participants?
7. What is the level of involvement of OEMs in telematics?
8. What business model can be used in the future to benefit CV telematics stakeholders?
9. What is the business environment (dynamics and impact) of the CV telematics market in Europe?
10. What are the different trends in the CV FMS market?
11. What are the countries that hold significant FMS potential?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Executive Summary—Key Findings
Total CV Telematics Market—Market Snapshot
CV Telematics Market Challenges—Hard Facts
Top Trends Driving CV Telematics Market—2016
CV Telematics Market—Regional Snapshot
Key Telematics Providers—Overview
Key OEM Solutions and Dedicated Providers
Market Consolidation—Notable Mergers and Acquisition
2. Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology
Research Scope
Research Aim and Objectives
Research Background
Research Methodology
3. Definitions and Segmentation
Market Definitions and Segmentations
Types Of Telematics Solutions
Types of Business Models
4. Key Trends Evolving in CV Telematics Market
Open Architecture Software Platform
Digital Freight Platform
Video Safety Solution
1-Fleet Alliance
5. Solutions and Pricing Model Analysis
Telematics Service Pricing Range
Market Breakdown by Service Types
Breakdown by Solution Type
Business Case and Opportunity Analysis
6. Business Model Analysis
Pricing Model Analysis
7. Market Measurement and Market Share Analysis
Installed Base—Forecast
CV Telematics—Addressable Market by Region
Telematics Penetration by Segment and Fleet Type
Revenue Analysis
Market Share Analysis
Market Share Analysis—OEM Versus Third-party Suppliers’ Installed Base
8. Conclusions and Future Outlook
The Last Word—Three Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
9. Appendix
List of Acronyms Used
Market Engineering Methodology

List of Figures & Charts

1. Total CV Telematics Market: Key Findings, Europe, 2015–2022
2. Total CV Telematics Market: Market Consolidation, Europe, 2013–2016
3. Total CV Telematics Market: Research Background, Europe, 2015–2022
4. Total CV Telematics Market: Partial List of Key Participants, Europe, 2015
5. Total CV Telematics Market: Market Definitions and Segmentations, Europe, 2015

1. Total CV Telematics Market: VIO, Installed Base, and Contributions, Europe, 2015
2. Total CV Telematics Market: Challenges, Europe, 2015
3. Total CV Telematics Market: Key Market Trends, Europe, 2016
4. Total CV Telematics Market: Regional Snapshot, Europe, 2015
5. Total CV Telematics Market: Vendor Analysis by Key Factor, Europe, 2015 and 2016
6. Total CV Telematics Market: OEM Partnership, Europe, 2015
7. Total CV Telematics Market: Solution Types, Europe, 2015
8. Total CV Telematics Market: Business Model Types, Europe, 2015
9. Total CV Telematics Market: Open Architecture Software Platform, Europe, 2015
10. Total CV Telematics Market: Digital Freight Platforms, Europe, 2015
11. Total CV Telematics Market: Video Safety Solution, Europe, 2015
12. Total CV Telematics Market: 1-Fleet Alliance, Europe, 2015–2019
13. Total CV Telematics Market: Service Packages and Pricing, Europe, 2015–2022
14. Total CV Telematics Market: Service Breakdown, Europe, 2015–2022
15. Total CV Telematics Market: Service Breakdown, Europe, 2015–2022
16. Total CV Telematics Market: Contribution by Business Model, Europe, 2015–2022
17. Total CV Telematics Market: Pricing Analysis, Europe, 2015
18. Total CV Telematics Market: Installed Base Forecast, Europe, 2015–2022
19. Total CV Telematics Market: Regional Analysis, Europe, 2015–2022
20. Total CV Telematics Market: Penetration by Segment and Fleet Type, Europe, 2015
21. Total CV Telematics Market: Revenue Analysis, Europe, 2015–2022
22. Total CV Telematics Market: Market Share Analysis, Europe, 2015
23. Total CV Telematics Market: OEM Versus Third-party Suppliers, Europe, 2015 and 2022

commercial vehicle telematics in europe
commercial vehicle telematics
commercial vehicle telematics in europe

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