Emerging Technologies Energizing the Future of the Pharmaceutical Sector

Innovations Creating Growth Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Industry

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Emerging technologies are changing the dynamics of various industries, globally. With the current global healthcare and economy challenges, along with the changing needs of patients, care providers, and regulatory authorities, the pharmaceutical industry is also trying to adopt a whole host of emerging technologies, with the aim to address the industry challenges and to push the borders of innovation. This research service covers the emerging technologies, such as anything-as-a-service, artificial intelligence, cancer screening, smart pills, wearable, smart packaging and discusses the impact of these emerging technologies in the pharmaceutical industry. These technologies enable the emerging trend of value-base

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Scope of Research1.2 Research Methodology1.2 Research Methodology (continued)1.3 Emerging Technologies Enabling the Growth of the Future Pharmaceutical Industry2.0 Industry Overview2.1 Tighter Regulations and Price Control, Changing Pharmaceutical Industry Dynamics2.2 Challenges and Opportunities in Today’s Pharmaceutical Industry2.2 Challenges and Opportunities in Today’s Pharmaceutical Industry (continued)2.3 Emerging Trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry to Meet the Existing Challenges 2.4 Demand Side Analysis Based on Current Pharmaceutical Industry Status2.5 The Top 50 Technologies Driving Global Innovation and Commercial Growth2.6 Technologies Enabling the Emerging Trends and Energizing Pharmaceutical Sector2.7 Precision Medicine Helping in Improving Patient Outcomes and Clinical Trial Success2.8 The Drivers and the Challenges in Implementing Precision Medicine Model2.9 Connected Healthcare Model through Digital Pharma2.10 The Drivers and Challenges in Digital Pharma Industry2.11 Drug Accessibility, Affordability, and Adherence Are the Key to Patient-centric Treatment Model 2.12 The Drivers and the Challenges in Patient-centric Treatment Approach2.13 Biopharmaceuticals: A Solution to the Treatment of Complex Diseases2.14 The Drivers and the Challenges in Biopharmaceutical Industry3.0 Impact of Emerging Technologies3.1 Impact of Top Technologies on Emerging Trends4.0 Artificial Intelligence4.1 Artificial Intelligence Powering Drug Discovery to Commercialization Process4.2 Using Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery and Development4.3 Artificial Intelligence Used to Derive Strategies for Pharmaceutical Companies to Increase Their ROI4.4 Artificial Intelligence to Improve Medication Adherence5.0 XaaS (Anything-as-a-Service)5.1 Cloud Technology Improving Health Information Exchange in Pharmaceutical Sector5.2 Cloud Platform for Drug Discovery and Design5.3 Cloud Platform Enabling the Digitization of Clinical Trials 5.4 Partnerships or Collaborations between Pharmaceutical and Cloud Technology Companies6.0 Wearables6.1 Wearables for Improving Medication Adherence and Improving Clinical Outcomes6.2 Wearable Devices for Continuous and Targeted Drug Delivery6.3 Important Partnerships between Wearable Technology and Pharmaceutical Companies7.0 Smart Pills7.1 Smart Pills for Timely and Targeted Drug Delivery7.2 Smart Pill for Medication Monitoring and Patient Adherence7.3 Smart Pill for Efficient, Controlled, and Targeted Drug Delivery8.0 Cancer Screening8.1 Cancer Screening for Better Clinical Trial Design for Improving the Outcomes 8.2 Fueling the Cancer Screening for Improved Patient Care8.3 Cancer Screening Companies Partnering with Big Pharma9.0 Smart Packaging9.1 Smart Packaging Enabling Patient-centric Care Trend9.2 Patient Compliance and Medication Adherence through Smart Packaging Solution9.3 Use of Information and Communication Technology in Intelligent Pharmaceutical Packaging10.0 Technology Convergence Scenario10.1 Technology Convergence Scenario for Pharmaceutical Industry10.2 Technology Convergence Case Studies 11.0 Analyst Insights11.1 Emerging Technology Roadmap and its Impact in Pharmaceutical Industry11.2 Personalized and Outcome-based Medicine with Empowered Patients Is the Future of Pharmaceutical Industry11.3 Strategic Recommendations for the Future of Pharmaceutical Industry12List of Key Industry Participants12.1 List of Key Industry ParticipantsLegal Disclaimer13.0 The Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Journey to Visionary Innovation13.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story13.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career13.3 Global Perspective13.4 Industry Convergence13.5 360º Research Perspective13.6 Implementation Excellence13.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy


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