Environmental Policies in India and Their Impact on the Automotive Industry, 2016

India is Leading Towards Introducing Stringent Legislative Measures that would Create a Positive Impact on Ambient Air Quality

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This research service focuses on the various political and legislative measures that have been taken by the Indian Government to implement and adopt new green schemes and monitoring services. It provides an in-depth analysis of the various legislative measures taken by the current Union Government to impose new regulations and also the outcomes of adopting green technologies.Key Questions This Study Will Answer:• What are the current political changes and the Union Government Committee?• How is the central budget distributed within commercial, domestic, transport development, and rural development?• How is the current government helping in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth?• What is the role of th

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Political Macro Analysis of India
India Green Schemes: Authority and Decision Hierarchy in India
Major Cause of Air Pollution in India
India Green Schemes and Monitoring Agencies
2. Political Analysis and Green Scheme Implementation—Current Political Will, Drive, and Measures to Address Air Quality Issue
The Indian Government and its Ministries
Indian Government Ministries and Their Budgets
Macro Analysis of India’s Economics
Relationship Between India and WHO Protocols
Relationship Between India and United Nations (UN) Protocols
India Green Schemes—National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)
India Green Schemes—New Air Quality Index
India Green Schemes—Smart City Project (SCP)
India Green Schemes—Smart Cities’ Mission Roadmap
Smart Cities Nominated in India
Regulatory Bodies for the Smart Cities Mission
India Green Scheme—CNG/LPG Retrofit for Public Transport in Delhi
India Green Mobility Schemes
India Green Mobility Schemes—National Mission for Electricity Mobility
India Green Mobility Schemes—National Urban Transport Policy
India Green Utility Schemes—National Biomass Cookstoves Programme
India Green Utility Schemes—Adoption of Renewable Energy
3. Environmental Positioning of India
Major Causes of Air Pollution in India
Air Quality Level By Cities in India—Top Polluted Cities
Description by Type of Indoor Pollution
4. Legislative—Current and Future Regulations
Pollution Regulating Policies by City
5. Social Awareness Levels—Public Forums, Social Media Interests, and NGO Initiatives
Programme in India for Air Pollution and Awareness on Social Media
6. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
5 Major Growth Opportunities
Strategic Imperatives for India—Green Scheme Policies
Legal Disclaimer
7. The Frost & Sullivan Story


List of Figures & Charts

1. Green Scheme Market: Government and Ministries, India, 2014–2015
2. Green Scheme Market: New Air Quality Index, India, 2016
3. Green Scheme Market: Pollution Regulation by City, India, 2016
4. Green Scheme Market: Air Pollution Awareness Programmes, India, 2016

1. Green Scheme Market: Political Macro Analysis, India, 2016
2. Green Scheme Market: Green Scheme Hierarchy, India, 2016
3. Green Scheme Market: Cause of Air Pollution, India, 2016
4. Green Scheme Market: Green Schemes, India, 2016
5. Green Scheme Market: Cabinet Ministries, India, 2016
6. Green Scheme Market: Macros Analysis of India’s Economics, India, 2012–2016
7. GDP Growth Trend, India, FY13–Q1 FY16
8. Distribution of Funds to Various Sectors, India, 2012–Q1 2016
9. Green Scheme Market: WHO & India Protocols, India, 2016
10. Green Scheme Market: UN and India Relationship, India, 2016
11. Green Scheme Market: National Ambient Air Quality Standards, India, 2016
12. Green Scheme Market: Legislative Policies—NAAQS, India, 2016
13. Green Scheme Market: National Ambient Air Quality Index, India, 2016
14. Green Scheme Market: New Air Quality Index, India, 2016
15. Green Scheme Market: Smart City Project, India, 2016
16. Green Scheme Market: Green Scheme—Smart City Mission, India, 2016
17. Green Scheme Market: Smart Cities Nominated, India, 2016
18. Green Scheme Market: Regulatory Bodies for Smart Cities Mission, India, 2016
19. Green Scheme Market: CNG/LPG Retrofit, India, 2016
20. Green Scheme Market: Mobility Schemes, India, 2016
21. Green Scheme Market: National Mission for Electric Mobility, India, 2016
22. Green Scheme Market: National Urban Transport Policy, India, 2016
23. Green Scheme Market: National Biomass Cookstoves Programme, India, 2016
24. Green Scheme Market: Adoption of Renewable Energy, India, 2015
25. Green Scheme Market: Cause of Air Pollution, India, 2016
26. Green Scheme Market: Air Quality Level By City, India, 2016
27. Green Scheme Market: Measurements of Indoor Pollution, India, 2016

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