European Substation Automation Market

Aging Transmission Substation Retrofits and New Smart Grids Drive Demand for Substation Automation

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This research service assesses the trends in the European substation automation market. The economic recession of 2009 led to a shortage of investment funds in virtually all markets, so that most planned projects were either stalled or completely shelved. This study analyses and determines the impact of the economic recession on the substation automation market in Europe, as well as the market dynamics during the recovery years of 2010 and 2011. The analysis was performed during 2012—when the market was in decline due to the European debt crisis—and is provided alongside an analysis of trends by product and regions within Europe with forecasts up to 2017.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive Summary (continued)Executive Summary—Market Engineering MeasurementsExecutive Summary—Market Engineering Measurements (continued)Executive Summary—CEO’s PerspectiveMarket OverviewMarket Overview—DefinitionsMarket Overview—Geographic Segmentation and Scope of ResearchMarket Overview—Key Questions This Study Will AnswerMarket Overview—Segmentation Market Overview—Distribution ChannelsMarket Share Analysis by RegionExternal Challenges: Drivers and Restraints—Total Substation Automation MarketDrivers and RestraintsDrivers—Impact and DurationDrivers Explained Drivers Explained (continued)Drivers Explained (continued)Drivers Explained (continued)Restraints—Impact and DurationRestraints Explained Restraints Explained (continued) Restraints Explained (continued) Forecasts and Trends—Total Substation Automation MarketMarket Engineering MeasurementsMarket Engineering Measurements (continued)Forecast AssumptionsTotal European Substation Automation Market—Revenue ForecastRevenue Forecast DiscussionTotal Substation Automation Market—Per cent Revenue Forecast by RegionRevenue Forecast by RegionEuropean Hot SpotsRegional—Revenue Forecast DiscussionMarket Share and Competitive Analysis— Total Substation Automation MarketCompetitive Analysis—Market ShareMarket Share AnalysisCompetitive EnvironmentCompetitor Growth AnalysisMega Trends and Industry Convergence ImplicationsMarket Overview—Impact of Power Industry Mega Trends on the Substation Automation MarketMarket Overview—Impact of Power Industry Mega Trends on the Substation Automation Market (continued)Market Overview—Impact of Power Industry Mega Trends on the Substation Automation Market (continued)Market Overview—Impact of Power Industry Mega Trends on the Substation Automation Market (continued)Mega Trend Impact on Substation Automation Market CEO’s 360 Degree Perspectiveon the Substation Automation MarketCEO’s 360 Degree PerspectiveAutomation Equipment Segment Breakdown Automation Equipment Segment—Market Engineering MeasurementsAutomation Equipment Segment—Revenue ForecastAutomation Equipment Segment—Revenue Forecast DiscussionAutomation Equipment Segment—Per cent Revenue Forecast by ProductRevenue Forecast by ProductAutomation Equipment Segment—Revenue Forecast by Product DiscussionSoftware and Communication Technologies Segment Breakdown Software and Communication Technologies Segment—Market Engineering MeasurementsSoftware and Communication Technologies Segment—Revenue ForecastSoftware and Communication Technologies Segment—Revenue Forecast DiscussionSoftware and Communication Technologies Segment—Per cent Revenue Forecast by ProductRevenue Forecast by ProductSoftware and Communication Technologies Segment—Revenue Forecast by Product DiscussionGermany BreakdownGermany—Market Engineering MeasurementsGermany Market—Revenue ForecastGermany—Revenue Forecast DiscussionFrance BreakdownFrance—Market Engineering MeasurementsFrance Market—Revenue ForecastFrance—Revenue Forecast DiscussionUnited Kingdom BreakdownUnited Kingdom—Market Engineering MeasurementsUnited Kingdom Market—Revenue ForecastUnited Kingdom—Revenue Forecast DiscussionItaly BreakdownItaly—Market Engineering MeasurementsItaly Market—Revenue ForecastItaly Market—Revenue Forecast DiscussionIberia BreakdownIberia—Market Engineering MeasurementsIberia Market—Revenue ForecastIberia Market—Revenue Forecast DiscussionScandinavia BreakdownScandinavia—Market Engineering MeasurementsScandinavia Market—Revenue ForecastScandinavia Market—Revenue Forecast DiscussionBenelux BreakdownBenelux—Market Engineering MeasurementsBenelux Market—Revenue ForecastBenelux Market—Revenue Forecast DiscussionRest of Western Europe BreakdownRest of Western Europe—Market Engineering MeasurementsRest of Western Europe Market—Revenue ForecastRest of Western Europe Market—Revenue Forecast DiscussionEastern Europe BreakdownEastern Europe—Market Engineering MeasurementsEastern Europe Market—Revenue ForecastEastern Europe Market—Revenue Forecast DiscussionThe Last WordThe Last Word—Three Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixMarket Engineering MethodologyAdditional Sources of Information on the Substation Automation MarketPartial List of Market ParticipantsLearn More—Next Steps

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