Future of Artificial Intelligence

Investigating the Hardware and Machine Learning Technologies that would Realize the AI Agents of the Future

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  • Release Date : 06-Apr-2016
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With improvements in data acquisition and computing power, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more of a reality each day. Companies are constantly developing self-evolving machine learning approaches and hardware enhancements to support AI applications. This study explores new innovations in machine learning and computing that will enable the application of AI in augmenting real-life scenarios and the impact this will have on the world. For businesses constantly striving to automate their services in a more intuitive and intelligent way to sustain and be competitive in tomorrow’s market, this study provides a comprehensive range of use cases across various business verticals. For companies looking to penetrate the AI industry, this study highlights the key technological directions the big movers of the industry are pursuing to mass commercialize AI solutions in an economical and utilitarian manner.
The following are key questions this study answers:
1. What are the important segments that summarize the complex AI ecosystem?
2. What are the key machine learning problems pursued by the industry and the approaches adopted by the companies to solve them?
3. What are the innovations in the hardware side that will accelerate innovation and applications in AI?
4. What are the big participants in the industry doing to enhance and mass commercialize the AI applications of the future?
5. What factors determine whether or not an organization is ready to adopt AI?
6. How will the adoption of AI affect industries, personal lives, and economies?
7. What should the actors defining employability do to avoid loss of employment because of AI adoption?
8. How will AI applications be deployed in the future?
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