Future of Global Retail Healthcare Delivery Markets, Forecast to 2022

Escalating Demand for Low-cost Alternatives to Create Market Size of Nearly $4 Billion

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Retail healthcare entails primary care services for minor illnesses provided through clinics located in retail environments, such as a pharmacies, grocery chains, supermarkets, or departmental stores. These retail care clinics, also called convenient care clinics, walk-in clinics, or in-store clinics, are often open beyond regular operating hours on weekdays and also on weekends and holidays. Clinical support is provided by a range of clinician types, including physicians, but most often by a physician's assistant or a nurse practitioner. Advantages include convenience and cost, along with lucrative opportunities to capture new revenue streams to propel the significant expansion of the footprint of retail care

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Research Scope
8 Big Themes for Retail Clinics
CEO’s Perspective
Retail Care Market Revenue
2. Healthcare Consumerism
Healthcare Consumerism Demands Being Met
Engaging a Patient
Retail Care Models
3. Concept Introduction
Getting the Definition Right
Opportunity of Retail Care
Patient Journey
Evolution, Global, 2000–2015
4. Global Presence
Geographic Spread of the Retail Clinic Philosophy, Global, 2015
Number of Clinics—Realistic Scenario
Retail Clinics—Breakdown by Owner
Retail Care Market Revenue Breakdown by Region and Owner
Similar Retail Models for Care Provision
5. Market Revenue Projections
Future Market Potential of Global Retail Clinics
Key Market Drivers, Global, 2016–2022
Increasing insurance and healthcare costs
Rising consumerism
Growing partnerships
Key Market Restraints, Global, 2016–2022
Low volumes
Stifling regulations
Increasing competition
Retail Care Market Revenue—Realistic Scenario
Retail Clinic Service Revenue Shares
Service Revenue Share, Global, 2015
Vaccination Revenue
6. Operational Considerations
Operational Parameters
Retail Health Regulations
United States
Rest of World
South Africa
United Kingdom
Intra-retail Clinic Healthcare Professionals’ Relationship
Therapeutic Services
Preventive Services
Operative Models
Complete Ownership
Staff Outsourcing
Outright Lease
Financial Considerations
For Ownership and Outsourcing Models
For Lease Models
7. Business Implications
Critical Success Factors
Retail Care Considerations
8. Impact and Reactions
Operational Impact
System Impact
Voiced Concerns
Regulatory Framework Changes
9. Alternative Primary Care Delivery Models
Alternative Sites of Primary Care Delivery
Family Physician
Urgent Care/Hospital ER
Walk-in / Employer Site Clinics
Retail Care
Telehealth Services
Plush care
Retrace health
Technology-based House Calls
True North
Upcoming Care Delivery Models in Relation to Retail Care
Patient Attractiveness Score
Retail Care
Telehealth Services
Technology-based House Calls
Telehealth—A Major Threat to Retail Care
Global Statistics
Patient Drivers
Physician Advantage
10. Current Industry Landscape
Global Landscape
Clinic Operators, Global, 2015
Primary Care Physicians per Hundred Thousand People, Global, 2015
Approximate Retail Clinic Density Per Hundred Thousand People, Global, 2015
Top 10 Operators’ Clinic Locations by Country, Global, 2015
Select Retail Clinic Operators
The Minute Clinic at CVS Health
The Healthcare Clinic at Walgreens
The Clicks Clinic at Clicks+
The Clinic and the Care Clinic at Walmart, the United States
The Clinic at Walmart, Canada
Bellin Health’s FastCare Clinics
The Laastari Lähiklinikka / Minutkliniken Clinics
The First Care Clinics at Lloyd’s Pharmacy
11. Future Outlook
Pre-requisites for Retail Care Success
Go Mainstream
Adapt to Consumer Needs
Continue Disruptive Innovation
Growth Directions
Walmart’s Care Clinic to offer One-Stop Shopping
CVS Health Helps Improve Specialty Medicine Drug Adherence
Artificial Intelligence Assists Non-physicians in Care Delivery
Provider System—Retail Clinic Collaboration
Developing the Ecosystem
Population Health Management is Important for Future Growth
Retail Healthcare Growth
Care Model Growth, Global, 2014–2025
Medical Technologies Retail Clinics Can Leverage
Hemo Control
Columbia University Dongle
Abbott I-Stat
Liquid Biopsy
Philips Lumify
Potential Issues
Nurse Practitioner Shortage
Changing Attributes & Operations
Care Delivery Integration
Technology Incorporation
Telemedicine Model—A Significant Future Competitor
12. Retail Health Future – Stakeholder Perspectives
The Non-retail Healthcare Provider Perspective
Retail Care Services Evolving to Cover Primary Care
The Payer Perspective
Payer Strategies to Reduce Beneficiary ER Usage
Anthem, Inc.
Kaiser Permanente
The Retail Care Provider Perspective
Retail Care’s Foray into Telemedicine
13. Key Conclusions
Conclusions – Retail Clinics
3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
14. Appendix
List of Other Companies
The Frost & Sullivan Story- The Journey to Visionary Innovation

List of Figures & Charts

1. Retail Care Market: Geographic Spread, Global, 2015
2. Number of patients seen globally
3. Retail Care Market: Key Market Drivers, Global, 2016–2022
4. Retail Care Market: Key Market Restraints, Global, 2016–2022

1. Retail Care Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2015–2022
2. Categories of Walk-in Care
3. Retail Care Market: Evolution, Global, 2000–2015
4. Retail Care Market: Number of Clinics, Global, 2012–2022
5. Retail Care Market: Clinics by Owner, Global, 2015
6. Retail Care Market: Clinics by Region, Global, 2015
7. Retail Care Market: Percent Revenue Breakdown by Region, Global, 2015
8. Retail Care Market: Percent Revenue Breakdown by Owner, Global, 2015
9. Retail Care Market: Scenario Analysis, Global, 2015–2022
10. Retail Care Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2015–2022
11. Retail Care Market: Service Revenue Share, Global, 2015
12. Retail Care Market: Clinic Operators, Global, 2015
13. Primary Care Physicians per Hundred Thousand People, Global, 2015
14. Retail Care Market: Approximate Retail Clinic Density Per Hundred Thousand People, Global, 2015
15. Retail Care Market: Top 10 Operators’ Clinic Locations by Country, Global, 2015
16. Retail Care Market: Select Operators Comparison, Global, 2015
17. Retail Care Market: Care Model Growth, Global, 2014–2025

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