Future of Transistor Technology

Wide Band Gap Transistor Drive Opportunities in High Power Electronics

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Transistors are the fundamental electronic components present in any device. They have evolved over a period of 30 years in size and performance. Their capability to act as a switch or amplify current or voltage has enabled them to serve diverse applications ranging from logic gates in the computer processors to sound amplifiers. Research and development towards improving the performance parameters of transistors and to determine new semiconductor materials apart from silicon is an on-going process. Transistors are being developed in order to support the rapid advancements in technology like wireless charging and energy conversion.This technology and innovation report offers insights on the recent innovations i

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Research Methodology1.2 Research Methodology (continued)1.3 Key Research Findings1.3 Key Research Findings (continued)2.0 Technology Landscape2.1 Technological Significance of Transistors in Today’s Electronic Industry2.2 Segmentation of Transistors 2.3 BJT and FET are the Most Commonly Used Transistors2.4 Application Diversity3.0 Wide Band Gap (WBG) Transistors are Driving Advancements 3.1 WBG Transistors – Technological Significance and Segmentation3.2 Circuit Size and Silicon Limitations Enable growth of WBG Semiconductors 3.3 Energy Savings and Emerging Demand for Green Energy Propels the Development of WBG Transistors3.4 Challenges Hindering the Adoption of WBG Transistors3.5 Comparative Assessment of SiC and GaN Transistors3.6 Patent Publication Trends3.7 Inference from Patent Analysis: Key Focus Areas3.8 Key Patent Holders Driving Innovation3.9 Implementation of WBG Transistors in the Electronics Industry3.10 Funding Scenarios in WBG Transistor Segment3.11 Supply Chain Model for WBG Transistors4.0 Innovations Driving the Developments in Transistor4.1 High-speed Bi-state Laser Transistors4.2 Enabling High Power Applications Through Diamond Transistors4.3 Organic Transistor-based AC/DC Converter4.4 Graphene Field Effect Transistor (FET) Nanosensor for Insulin Level Monitoring4.5 Neuron Styled Executing Transistors 4.6 Gallium Nitride-based High Voltage Field-effect Transistor4.7 Enhancement Mode High Electron Mobility Transistors (E-HEMTs) using Gallium Nitride4.8 Next-Gen RF Devices using High Electron Mobility Transistors4.9 Ultra-fast computing using Carbon-based Transistors4.10 Portable Electronic Devices using Flexible Transistors4.11 Ultra-speed Switching SiC MOSFETs412 Flexible Displays using Organic Thin Film Transistors5.0 Future Growth Opportunities and Strategic Perspectives51 Future Roadmap for Transistor Technology5.2 From the Analyst’s Desk: What is the Nature of Competition and Global Adoption Scenario for WBG Transistors?5.3 From the Analyst’s Desk: What are Key Attractive Applications and Future Opportunities for WBG Transistors?6.0 Industry Contacts6.1 Key ContactsLegal Disclaimer




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Release Date : 18-Aug-16

Region : Global

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