Global Automotive Plastics Market, Forecast to 2022

Lightweighting Trends Stimulate Innovation and Growth, Opportunities Clustered in Body Panels and Seating Systems as Plastics Smash Through to High Growth Future

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This market insight is based on the premise that lightweighting through the use of plastics in automotive vehicles will help meet global standards, improve fuel use, and, ultimately, cut costs. Discussions cover the impact of Mega Trends; industry challenges; market drivers, restraints, and trends; the value chain; and industry competition. Exploration of the automotive plastics market (by resin types, thermosets, thermoplastics, and high performance polymers) also covers segment life cycle, new material development, and major applications. Finally, insights are provided on opportunities for resins, plastics, and plastics-based composites suppliers within the automotive industry for exterior and interior applic

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryKey Research FindingsCEO’s 360 Degree PerspectiveAutomotive Lightweighting MarketAutomotive Lightweighting Market—Mega TrendsAutomotive Lightweighting Market—Mega Trends (continued)Automotive Lightweighting Market—Mega Trends (continued)Automotive Lightweighting Market—Legislations Supporting Weight ReductionAutomotive Lightweighting Market—Legislations Supporting Weight Reduction (continued)Automotive Lightweighting Market—Legislations Supporting Weight Reduction (continued)Automotive Lightweighting Market—Industry ResponseAutomotive Lightweighting Market—Industry Response (continued)Automotive Lightweighting Market—Industry Response (continued)Automotive Lightweighting Market—US Vehicle Weight Band Automotive Lightweighting Market—Growth of PlasticsAutomotive Lightweighting Market—Material DevelopmentAutomotive Lightweighting Market—Material Development (continued)Automotive Lightweighting Market—Material Development (continued)Automotive Lightweighting Market—Material Development (continued)Automotive Plastics Market—Industry Challenges and Market FactorsAutomotive Plastics Market—Industry ChallengesAutomotive Plastics Market—Industry Challenges ExplainedAutomotive Plastics Market—Industry Challenges Explained (continued)Automotive Plastics Market—Industry Challenges Explained (continued)Automotive Plastics Market—Industry Challenges Explained (continued)Automotive Plastics Market—Value Chain and CompetitionAutomotive Plastics Market—Value Chain AnalysisAutomotive Plastics Market—Value Chain Analysis (continued)Automotive Plastics Market—Competitive AnalysisAutomotive Plastics Market—Competitive StructureAutomotive Plastics MarketAutomotive Plastics Market—Segment Life CycleAutomotive Plastics Market—Segment Life Cycle (continued)Automotive Plastics Market—Material CharacteristicsAutomotive Plastics Market—Material Characteristics (continued)Automotive Plastics Market—New Material DevelopmentAutomotive Plastics Market—PP Major ApplicationsAutomotive Plastics Market—PP Major Applications DiscussionAutomotive Plastics Market—PP Major Applications Discussion (continued)Automotive Plastics Market—PA Major ApplicationsAutomotive Plastics Market—PA Major Applications DiscussionAutomotive Plastics Market—PA Major Applications Discussion (continued)Automotive Plastics Market—PU Major ApplicationsAutomotive Plastics Market—PU Major Applications DiscussionAutomotive Plastics Market—PU Major Applications Discussion (continued)Automotive Plastics Market—ABS Major ApplicationsAutomotive Plastics Market—ABS Major Applications DiscussionAutomotive Plastics Market—ABS Major Applications Discussion (continued)Automotive Plastics Market—HPP Major ApplicationsAutomotive Plastics Market—HPP Major Applications (continued)Automotive Plastics Market—HPP Major Applications (continued)Automotive Plastics Market—HPP Major Applications (continued)Automotive Plastics Market—OpportunitiesAutomotive Plastics MarketAutomotive Plastics Market (continued)Automotive Plastics Market—Plastic UsageAutomotive Plastics Market—Metals & Non-MetalsAutomotive Plastics Market—Market Pull & Unmet NeedsAutomotive Plastics Market—Performance Criteria in Exterior ApplicationsAutomotive Plastics Market—Performance Criteria in Exterior Applications (continued)Legal DisclaimerAppendixAcronymsThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition—Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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