Global Pharma Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment & Monitoring IT Solutions, Forecast to 2020

Wearables and Mobile Technologies Growth Opportunities in Digital Transformation Journey of Clinical Trials

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Clinical trial sponsors and clinical research organizations (CROs) are facing intense pressure to change the way clinical research is conducted and justify the costs and time involved in the clinical development process. Some of the prevailing challenges in the clinical trial industry include the complexity and cost of conducting clinical trials, the failure of trials, increasing regulatory requirements for future targeted therapeutics, and the growing number of multi-regional and international trials. Among these, patient recruitment and monitoring activities are considered to be most cost and time-consuming aspect of the clinical trial process. Industry estimates suggest that about 80% of pharmaceutical clini

Research Scope

The research service analyzes the growth opportunities of mHealth technologies across clinical trial remote patient recruitment & monitoring applications. It also evaluates and discusses market projections, key trends, technology lifecycle, and the key implementation challenges of emerging digital solutions. Finally, it provides industry best practices, case studies, cost-benefit analysis, and strategic imperatives for key clinical trial industry stakeholders such as pharma sponsors, CRO, sites, and technology providers.

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the key trends and growth opportunities tied to emerging digitally-led clinical trials operating models (e.g., remote or virtual clinical trials)?
  • Which emerging tech solutions have the strongest growth potential for optimizing patient recruitment and monitoring workflows (e.g., mHealth, Wearables, etc.)?
  • What are the challenges with current clinical trial patient recruitment and monitoring workflows and how these can be filled by emerging digital health solutions?
  • How does the new ecosystem of digital solution providers look like with specific reference to clinical trials patient recruitment and monitoring?
  • What are the industry best practices for patient recruitment, trial management etc.?
  • What are the key challenges while implementing these digital solutions across the clinical development value chain?

Table of Contents

Executive SummarySix Big Themes—Clinical Trial and Development DigitizationmHealth Ecosystem Solutions—Promoting Patient-centric TrialsClinical Trial Digitization—Top 3 Growth OpportunitiesKey Questions this Study will AnswerMarket Definition and OverviewMarket Definition—Clinical Trials and Development IT SolutionsClinical Trials Patient Recruitment and Monitoring IT Solutions—Major Segments by Technology and System TypesEmerging Vendor Ecosystem—Clinical Trials Patient Recruitment and Monitoring IT SolutionsMacro and Micro Scenario AnalysisSix Big Themes—Clinical Trial and Development DigitizationPatient Recruitment Challenges Focus on Patient Centricity—Case ExamplesEvolving Clinical Trial ModelsEvolving Clinical Trials Models for Precision Oncology TherapeuticsClinical Trial Patient Enrichment Strategies and Case Studies Entry of Non-traditional PlayersDigital Continuity—IT Solutions Adoption PotentialTechnology Lifecycle for Select Clinical Development IT SolutionsClinical Trial mHealth Solutions Growth Opportunities Discussion mHealth Technologies Category DefinitionmHealth Ecosystem Solutions—Promoting Patient-centric TrialsGrowth Opportunity—mHealth SolutionsmHealth Solutions Implications across Clinical Trial Value ChainCurrent Challenges and Role of mHealth SolutionsRevenue Forecast—mHealth Solutions: Wearables and SmartphonesForecast Assumptions for the mHealth Solutions Market Forecast Assumptions—Key Trends for Clinical Trials mHealth MarketForecast Assumptions—Key Trends for Clinical Trials mHealth Market (continued)mHealth Technologies Adoption Trends in Commercial Clinical TrialsmHealth Application for Developing Novel Endpoints for Clinical TrialsmHealth-based Remote Trials—Potential Cost-Saving OpportunitiesClinical Trial Patient e-Recruitment SolutionsEvolving Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Strategies Clinical Trial e-Recruitment Solutions Market OverviewSelect Case Studies—How mHealth Solutions Optimize Patient Recruitment and Retention for Clinical Trials?MolecularMatch—Democratizing Cancer Clinical Trial Patient RecruitmentAntidote Technologies, Inc—Democratizing the Clinical Trial Processpatientslikeme—Online Patient Social Network (US)Clinical Trial Enrichment—Technology Select Start-upsClinical Trial Remote and Virtual Monitoring SolutionsEvolving Clinical Trial ModelsClinical Trials Remote/Virtual Monitoring Solutions Market OverviewCase Study—VERKKO: First Remote Clinical Study in EuropeCase Study—mHealth Enabled Companion Digital TherapyScience 37 + AOBiome LLC—Virtual Trial Microbiome Acne TreatmentScience 37—Expanding Pharma Sponsor CollaborationsSelect Case Studies—How mHealth Solution Optimizes Patient Reporting and Engagement?Aparito—Remote Patient Monitoring for Pediatrics and Orphan Diseases (UK)Evidation Health—SaaS platform for Behaviour-focused StudiesConclusion—Future ScenarioStrategic Imperatives for Key Industry Stakeholders eClinical Solutions Convergence Potential with Emerging TechnologiesClinical Trials Internet of Things (IoT) Ecosystem—2025Blockchain—Potential Impact across Drug Development Value ChainBiometrics that Can be Tracked by Wearable TechnologiesPartnering to Innovate—Beyond Conventional BoundariesKey Challenges for Implementing Digital Solutions for Clinical Trial Remote Patient Recruitment and MonitoringLegal DisclaimerAppendixList of ExhibitsList of Exhibits (continued)The Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition—Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy


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