Growth Opportunities of Technology Convergence in Advanced Manufacturing

Growth Opportunities of Technology Convergence in Advanced Manufacturing

Integration of Big Data, IIoT, Cloud Platform, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Twin for Digital Factories

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Digital supply chain increases transparency in the value chain of the product processes , connecting the key stakeholders and increases more efficient communications that can encourage more efficient negotiations and perceived values between suppliers and customers. Aggregation of plethora amount of data has challenged the conventional method of data storage that exhibits inefficient system for data retrieval and analysis. Analyzing and interpretation of this data will help companies to identify certain trends . The report on Growth Opportunities of Joining Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing covers the key companies working towards digitization in joining and the Growth Opportunities of such technologies in joining.

Table of Contents

1.1 The Strategic Imperative 8™

1.2 The Strategic Imperative 8™

1.3 The Impact of the Top Three Strategic Imperatives on Digitalization in Manufacturing

1.4 About The Growth Pipeline Engine ™

1.5 Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine™

1.6 Research Process & Methodology

1.6 Research Process & Methodology (continued)

2.1 Emerging Technologies Revolutionizing Operation Standards

2.2 Qualitative KPI Standard of Measuring Productivity

3.1 White Whale Analytics, Canada

3.2 Witrac, US

3.3 Intrastage, US

3.4 Plex Systems, US

3.5 SensrTrx, US

3.6 Ericsson, Sweden

3.7 Formant, US

3.8 Wavefront, US

3.9 Actify, US

4.1 Growth Opportunity 1: Supply Chain Innovation for Future Sustainability, 2020

4.1 Growth Opportunity 1: Supply Chain Innovation for Future Sustainability, 2020 (continued)

4.2 Growth opportunity 2: 5G-enabled Operation System for Future Manufacturing, 2020

4.2 Growth Opportunity 2: 5G Enabled Operation System for Future Manufacturing, 2020 (continued)

5.1 Key Contacts

6.1 Your Next Steps

6.2 Why Frost, Why Now?

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This research service focuses on the convergence of technologies in industrial operations. Various digital technologies are emerging from startup and leading companies worldwide over the last 5 years to leverage and streamline workflow in industrial operations. Some of the digital technologies have been converged through new product innovations, partnerships, and consortiums to add more value to digital manufacturing transformation. The current technology convergence in industries and the level of penetration of digital technologies are described with comprehensive examples. Furthermore, the research service includes key startups that have developed software platforms for converging some of the key digital technologies together to optimize their impact on industrial operations. It also highlights collaborations of industry leaders and startups to integrate two or more technologies within a single platform to deliver superior performance when compared to the performance of a single technology. In addition, use cases that have provided measurable results in manufacturing and inventory management facilities are also illustrated. Growth opportunities are also identified and discussed for improving overall performance by identifying the pain points in the production system and manufacturing. Actions to be taken are also recommended for improving operation transparency and efficiency for substantial cost savings and enhancements in resources management. Apart from growth opportunities, a technology roadmap is included with a timeline from 2021 to 2025 that recommends the key digital technologies that should be adopted by companies. Key digital technologies covered in this research service include the following: Cloud platform: Cloud manufacturing and cloud robotics Internet of Things (IoT) Digital Twins Advanced Robotic and Automation Artificial Intelligence Data Analytics Software
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