Industrial Robotics—Decoding the Robotics Impact on Manufacturing

Collaborative Robots and Enriched Connectivity Technologies are Expected to Propel Growth in Factories

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The industrial robotics market is going through a phase of transformation driven by Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Robots have been traditionally utilized to carry out tasks that are complex, repetitive, or hazardous to enhance productivity, quality, and operational costs for manufacturers. This research service can be useful in understanding the key applications of industrial robots, such as material handling and pick-and-place operations. It covers end-user segments of industrial robots in various discrete and hybrid industry verticals such as automotive, electrical and electronics, and food and beverages. Evaluating from a global standpoint, this report provides a good estimate of the industrial robot

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
2. Internet of Industrial Things—A Research Perspective
Internet of Industrial Things—The 4 Functional Facets
Industry Convergence: IT-OT
Services 2.0
Supply Chain Evolution
Industry 4.0 Business Ecosystem
Relevant Research
Research Scope and Objective
3. Industrial Robotics Market—Global Outlook
Evolution of Robotics
Categories of Industrial Robots
Industry Value Chain
Robots on a Rapid Growth Curve
Robotic Applications on the Rise
Steady Progress in Consumer Segments
Robots Behind the Wheels of Change
Robots On-board
Robots in the Food Chain
Robot Installations Around the Globe
Eyeing Potential Regional Markets
Robots Made in China
4. Robots of the Future—Top Trends
Expanding Robot Functionality Through Cloud
Case Study—DENIoT Platform
Embracing IoT in Robotics
Case Study—Splunk Analytics
Working Hand-in-hand with Robots
Collaborating Beyond Boundaries
Transformation in Robot Peripherals
Collaborative Robots—A Comparison
Collaborative Robots—A Case Study
Toward Human Touch-collaborative Grippers
Seeing the Future of Robot Vision
Vision Sensors
5. Industrial Robotics Market Landscape
Porter’s Take on Industrial Robotics
Upping the Game of Robots
Robotic Partnerships on the Way to IIoT
FANUC, CISCO, and General Motors
KUKA and Huawei
ABB and Microsoft
Start-ups and the Acquisition Spree
Retuning the Business of Robots
The Last Word
Development of Smart and Safe Cobots
Intelligent Peripherals
Emerging Markets
Legal Disclaimer
6. The Frost & Sullivan Story


List of Figures & Charts

1. Industrial Robotics: Classification by Product Type, Global, 2016
2. Industrial Robotics: Dual-arm Collaborative Robots, Global, 2016
3. Industrial Robotics: Single-arm Collaborative Robots, Global, 2016
4. Industrial Robotics: Case study on Universal Robots, Global, 2016

1. Industrial Robotics: Key Findings, Global, 2016
2. Industrial Robotics: Research Scope and Objective, Global, 2016
3. Industrial Robotics: Stages of Evolution, Global, 2016
4. Industrial Robotics: Value Chain, Global, 2016
5. Industrial Robotics: Volume and Revenue Forecast, Global, 2013–2023
6. Industrial Robotics: Top applications, Global, 2016
7. Industrial Robotics: End-user Breakdown, Global, 2015
8. Industrial Robotics: Automotive Industry, Global, 2016
9. Industrial Robotics: Electrical and Electronics Industry, Global, 2016
10. Industrial Robotics: Food and Beverages Industry, Global, 2016
11. Industrial Robotics: Geographical Consumption by Volume, Global, 2016
12. Industrial Robotics: Top Markets by Countries, Global, 2016
13. Industrial Robotics: Emerging Markets by Countries, Global, 2016
14. Industrial Robotics: Unit Consumption Forecast for China, Global, 2016
15. Industrial Robotics: Robots, Cloud, and Smart Factories, Global, 2016
16. Industrial Robotics: Robots, Cloud, and Smart Control, Global, 2016
17. Industrial Robotics: Facets of IIoT for Robotics, Global, 2016
18. Industrial Robotics: Splunk Software Analytics Flowchart, Global, 2016
19. Industrial Robotics: Overview of Collaborative Robots, Global, 2016
20. Industrial Robotics: Developments in Robot safety, Global, 2016
21. Industrial Robotics: Classification of Robot Peripherals, Global, 2016
22. Industrial Robotics: End Effector Technology, Global, 2016
23. Industrial Robotics: Advancements in Vision Technology for Robots, Global, 2016
24. Industrial Robotics: Porter’s Five Force Analysis, Global, 2016
25. Industrial Robotics: Market Share by Revenue, Global, 2016
26. Industrial Robotics: Major Global Partnerships, Global, 2016
27. Industrial Robotics: Most Acquired Start-up Segments, Global, 2016
28. Industrial Robotics: Business Models, Global, 2016

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