Communications Services Market Research Reports

The communication services market is evolving at a remarkable rate. There is a definite shift from pigeon-holed, specific services provided by non-competing players in the value chain to a more competitive, inclusive ecosystem with organizations offering bundled, end-to-end solutions. This is characterised by the sophistication of technology and consumers’ willingness to pay for more integrated, service-centric solutions.

Frost & Sullivan’s Telecommunications research and consulting programs look evolutions of hardware and software, with focus on the services built on these technologies. This provides unique insights into the competitive dynamics of the market, detailed assessments of market opportunities, pricing strategies, demand trends, and technological developments, as well as applications and best practices for the industry. In the communications services market, we look at, among other segments:

  • Triple, Quad and Quint Play services
  • Operator and Network Provider Strategies
  • Technology Vendor Strategies
  • Regulatory Developments
  • Convergence with new technologies (cloud, mobile money)

We work closely with the world’s leading telecom firms, hardware manufacturers, service providers, OEMs and new age disruptors to build tailored, customized solutions provide clients with the best strategies for growth, supported by the right key data points researched to meet the client’s needs and the specific engagement. Our research spans broadly across the sector and provides deep insights into specific markets in the most significant areas of enterprise and consumer telecommunications industry.

  1. 02 Apr 2014  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Hot TopicLatin American Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Services Market

    Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile Bolster Market toward $2 Billion in Revenue by 2018

    Internet TV is gaining increasing popularity as it suits the lifestyle of many consumers. This study provides revenue and subscriber forecasts for IPTV services in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, and offers key drivers and restraints for growth. The base year is 2012 with forecasts from 2013 to 2018. In addition, the research details case stud...


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  2. 19 Mar 2014  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Latin American Fixed Broadband Services Markets

    Competition from Triple and Quadruple Play Drives Adoption

    This study focuses on analyzing new trends in the fixed broadband services market in Latin America. It also provides market size and forecast for revenues and lines in service for the entire region as well as the important countries in the region such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela. There is further analysis on the bas...


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  3. 21 Jan 2013  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Latin American Data Communications Services Market, 2012

    SMBs Adopting Data Communications Services to Increase Productivity

    This research service provides an analysis of the data communication services markets in Latin America, covering six main countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela. An analysis of the market size, drivers and restraints, market forecasts and competitive analysis can be found. The study examines the current structure of th...


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  4. 25 Jun 2010  |  North America  |  Strategic Forecasting

    North American Residential Voice Tracker: First Quarter 2010

    Actionable Strategies and Tactics to Drive Growth in a Transforming Market

    Subscriptions to plain old telephone service (POTS) continue to erode in the first quarter of 2010.  Telcos are responding by expanding other lines of business, such as business related access services and through a focus on service bundling.


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  5. 03 Mar 2000  |  North America  |  Strategic Forecasting

    Unisphere Solutions Restructures


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  6. 25 Feb 2000  |  North America  |  Strategic Forecasting

    Alcatel's Acquisition of Newbridge


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