Connected Health

  1. 24 Nov 2015  |  North America  |  Market Research

    US Remote Patient Monitoring Market

    Is it Finally Ready to Make a Difference?

    This study covers clinical-grade remote patient monitoring as it is evolving within the US through 2020. The market is assessed from the perspective of two segments: 1) home healthcare and post-acute care and 2) Chronic Condition Management and Disease Management. The total market growth is forecasted based on a view of the most likely scenario dri...


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  2. 20 Nov 2015  |  Europe  |  Market Research

    Analysis of Remote Monitoring Markets for Telehealth and Telecare in Europe

    Commercialisation of Pilot Projects and Reimbursement Policies Will Boost Adoption

    The objective of this research service is to present a comprehensive analysis of the telehealth and telecare market in Europe, with respect to the market potential and key market dynamics in remote patient monitoring and personal emergency response solutions. The regional scope of the analysis focusses on the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy,...


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  3. 06 Nov 2015  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Health Insurance Information Technology: US Overview and Outlook, 2014-2020

    Changing IT Priorities for Next Generation Health Plans

    Healthcare payers are grappling with a number of significant challenges that are upending their traditional business models and operational processes. To tackle these many challenges, health insurance organizations are actively looking at information technology as a lever of operational efficiency and transformational change, with spending prioriti...


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  4. 30 Oct 2015  |  North America  |  Market Research

    US Ambulatory Electronic Health Record Market: 2015 - 2020

    What to Expect as the Focus Shifts from Adoption to Optimization

    This study analyzes trends in the US ambulatory electronic health records (EHR) market, predicts changes in market measurements through 2020, and provides an analysis of challenges facing market participants. Value-based reimbursement provisions, payer consolidation, and EHR optimization agendas will accelerate adoption among ambulatory practices. ...


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  5. 22 Sep 2015  |  North America  |  Market Research

    New Product Innovation Leadership - Value Based Care Administration System - GE Centricity Financial Risk Manager

    A Frost & Sullivan Position Paper

    Healthcare information technology systems to support provider financial management is a key area of growth and interest in the market. With shifts in models to value-based payments (VBR), this entails more financial risk for providers. Successful management of the transition to VBR can only be achieved when healthcare organizations are clinically a...


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  6. 02 Sep 2015  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Healthcare Transformations Drive Changes in Business Models

    Analysis of Innovative and Emerging Business Models in Next Generation Healthcare

    The healthcare industry is on the brink of transformation driven by a shift in the objective of care from treatment to prevention and wellness. Other major paradigm shifts such as the emergence of consumer as the center of the healthcare ecosystem and the need for delivering healthcare services at unconventional locations are creating new and excit...


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  7. 19 Aug 2015  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Trends and Attractions of the Australian Aged Care Market

    Overview for Stakeholders

    In 2014, the Australian aged care market was worth A$14 billion and is expected to grow at an annual rate of four per cent for the next five years (2015-2020). Of the total market, A$9.5 billion was provided by the federal government, while the remainder of A$4.5 billion was privately funded by companies and residents. Australian aged care systems ...


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  8. 12 Aug 2015  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Top Trends in US Healthcare IT

    Analyst Insights from HIMSS 2015

    The 2015 HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition, a key event for the health IT industry, held on April 12-16, 2015 in Chicago provided a comprehensive overview of the state of the market from the perspective of various stakeholders, including health IT vendors, healthcare providers, and government regulators, and as a reliable harbinger for what is...


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  9. 28 Jul 2015  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Research

    Analysis of the Mobile Health (mHealth) Market in Australia

    Consumer Technologies Booming but Providers Still Lack Confidence

    Mobile Health or mHealth includes all products and services that leverage mobile communication technologies to deliver healthcare services. Current research scope includes mobile apps and services but not devices. Our study found that while patients and consumers in Australia are ready to adopt mHealth, clinicians are apprehensive about the quality...


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  10. 14 Jul 2015  |  North America  |  Market Research

    Analysis of the US Hospital Real-time Location Systems Market

    Improving Efficiency Technology for Inpatient Care

    Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) can be a part of the technologies leveraged by hospitals to support the operational, care, and cost optimization. Static point-to-point RTLS has evolved to second- and third-generation systems that can utilize a combination of embedded analytics and floor space tracking. With reductions in technology pricing, an in...


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