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12 May 2017  |  North America

US DoD Training and Simulation Market, Forecast to 2021

Advanced Technologies Will Produce Cost and Time Efficiencies by Providing High-Quality Training When and Where Needed

The US armed services are beginning to see the benefits of mixed reality training; however, more funding needs to be dedicated to researching and developing the optimal mix of virtual and live training to maximize cost efficiencies. Demand for increasingly complex and realistic virtual environments, immersive virtual training, and distributed learn...

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10 May 2017  |  Europe

NORDEFCO Defense Posture, Forecast to 2021

Defense Spending of Partner Countries

Since the taking of Crimea by the Russians in 2014, tensions have been rising in the Baltic Sea Region. During 2016, a Russian SU-27 fighter intercepted a US RC-135 flying within international airspace and a pair of Su-24 Russian jets flew what was described by US defense officials as mock strafing runs over a US Navy destroyer as it was conducting...

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02 May 2017  |  Global

Global Military Airframe Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Market, Forecast to 2026

Reduced Deliveries of New Aircraft and Increased Reliance on Health Management Systems Conflict with Rising Event Costs Resulting in Minimal Growth

The global airframe MRO market registered $24.34 billion in 2016 revenue and is expected to reach 27.31 billion by 2026 growing at a compound annual growth rate of 1.2%. The North American market is the largest, but will experience modest growth. Meanwhile, rotary wing utility aircraft will experience the most significant segment growth. New delive...

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26 Apr 2017  |  North America

Global Air-to-Ground Missile Market, Forecast to 2021

Technology Advancements Drive Demand

For the last several years, conflicts across the Middle East and Afghanistan have been a costly undertaking for the United States and its allies. During 2015, the United States alone dropped over 20,000 bombs and missiles on both Iraq and Syria. The number of bombs and missiles applied by NATO and Gulf Cooperation Council allies cannot be determine...

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04 Apr 2017  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Middle East Homeland Security Market, 2015

Post-Arab-Spring Opportunities to Bring in $17.05 Billion by 2021

The Middle Eastern Homeland Security market will grow at a CAGR of 15.5% to achieve $17.05 billion by 2021, strongly driven by government initiatives to create a smart and secure environment amidst high terrorist activities in the region. The Middle Eastern Homeland Security market registered a revenue of $7.19 billion in 2015. Frost and Sullivan ...

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15 Feb 2017  |  North America

US DoD Foreign Military Sales Market, Forecast to 2021

Domestic Defense Firms Must Become More Innovative and Cost Efficient to Succeed in the Increasingly Competitive Race to Sell International Arms

An overall increase in global defense spending is expected, after several years of relatively flat growth, which will cause the US Department of Defense (DoD) market for foreign military sales (FMS) to grow at an estimated 3.4% over the 2015 to 2021 study period. However, overall sales of US military equipment will grow at an even greater rate beca...

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27 Jan 2017  |  North America

US Defense Research and Development Organizations, 2016

The United States Sets the Standard for Defense Research and Development as it Continues to Lead the Global Market in Both Programs and Initiatives

The US Department of Defense (DoD) owns the most sophisticated and effective research, development, testing, and evaluation (RDTE) infrastructures worldwide. An essential factor to the DoD's success is the various organizations dedicated to RDTE in support of the different military departments as well as some key joint military agencies. RDTE organ...

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This Aerospace and Defense TOE reveals advancements and opportunities in flight simulators, including virtual reality-based training simulators, simulators incorporating fewer but higher performance components, simulators combining real-world and virtual elements, versatile flight training devices, helicopter simulators, motor simulators, and weapo...

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19 Dec 2016  |  North America

Global Shipborne Radar Market, Forecast to 2021

Radar Services will Generate Growth Opportunities as Nations Advance their Naval Capabilities

The seas around the world are becoming increasingly dangerous as territorial disputes, contingency support operations, and piracy spark a renewed interest in advancing current and future radar capabilities. According to the International Maritime Bureau, which is part of the International Chamber of Commerce, more than 205 pirate raids in the Gulf ...

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29 Nov 2016  |  Global

Global Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Aircraft Market, Forecast to 2025

Rising Tensions Worldwide Drive Investments in Modernizing and Procuring New Capabilities

This study will benefit anyone interested in learning more about the global manned airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft market including the related revenue opportunities for the period 2017–2025. It will also help those who are looking to learn about the market drivers and emerging opportunities across the vario...

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