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  1. Sensors Innovations Transforming Mining (TechVision)

    Sensors Innovations Transforming Mining (TechVision)

    Increased Opportunities for Health and Safety Sensor

    Release Date : 18-Aug-2016 Region : Global
    When it comes to the aspect of change, mining industry is very conservative. Mining operators are hesitant to adopt new solutions because of the fear of losing their jobs. Decisions related to the adoption of innovative technology are taken very cautiously and it is implemented only when it is neces...
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  2. Global Gas Sensors, Detectors, and Analyzers Markets

    Global Gas Sensors, Detectors, and Analyzers Markets

    Increasing Awareness on Safety to Lead to a Greater Demand for Gas Sensors and Detectors

    Release Date : 10-Jan-2013 Region : Global
    Market for gas sensors, detectors, and analyzers exceeded $2.0 billion in total and is expected to grow further in the future. The global market for gas detection is projected to reach $3.3 billion by the 2018 at a CAGR of 4.3 percent. Legislation and public concerns regarding monitoring of gas leak...

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2 Item(s)