The energy and environment industry is undergoing rapid transformation from a static and conventional system to the fluid and dynamic Internet of Energy. Renewables are a significant portion of the world’s energy production, with rapid growth of the last decade spurring advanced solutions in grid technologies and energy storage. Nevertheless, fossil fuels continue to dominate much of the world’s power portfolio, from the adherents and detractors of fracking for oil and gas, to the continued high volume of coal used in key global regions. Services to the industry are rapidly evolving to leverage the influx of information from the Industrial Internet, creating new solutions and business models such as advanced predictive maintenance, optimized generation and storage, innovative energy efficiency solutions and X-as-a-Service. And all of this is driven by the push and pull of increasing demand for cleaner air and water alongside the need for more power and energy.

Frost & Sullivan works closely with the world’s largest OEMs, utilities, service providers and IT firms to help them find the opportunities in this sea of change. Our experts and consultants constantly engage with markets from oil and gas to electricity, grids to homes and buildings, and the critical needs for power, water, and environmental solutions across all sectors of the global economy.

  1. 29 Jun 2011  |  Latin America

    Brazilian Power Utilities Market


    This research service provides a general overview of the status of the power utilities market in Brazil, such as present and future capacity, governmental policies, regulation, end users, and feedstock. The Brazilian electricity generation matrix is mainly comprised of renewable sources, specially hydropower. Hydropower plants were responsible for ...

  2. 28 Jun 2011  |  Latin America

    Argentina Electricity Outlook 2010


    This study covers the state of the Argentina Electricity Industry, examining drivers and restraints for growth, pricing, distribution, technology, legislation, demand and geographical trends. Following from these, market growth for regional and market segments are forecasted. In addition, an in-depth analysis of the competitive situation including ...

  3. 23 May 2011  |  Latin America

    Brazilian Electricity Generation Market

    This research service provides a general overview of the status of the electricity generation market in Brazil, including the existing and potential capacity, government policies, regulation, end users, and feedstock. In 2010, Brazil had a total installed capacity of 111,485.2 MW, divided among 26 states and the federal district. The top five compa...

  4. This study covers the state of the Brazilian electricity industry, examining market history in Brazil and evolution though years, regulation and policy framework and timeline, region economic outlook, industry metrics, challenges, drivers and restraints for growth, pricing and geographical trends. Following from these, market growth for regional an...

  5. This research service analyses the Brazilian Clean Develop Mechanism market and its related technologies, as the Clean Develop Mechanism. The Clean Develop Mechanism (CDM) is one of the instruments created by the Kyoto Protocol to facilitate carbon trading. It is the first of the mechanisms considered to be flexible to come into effect, based in Br...

  6. 06 Oct 2010  |  Latin America

    Brazilian Smart Grid Market

    Brazilian Smart Grid Market

    Brazil market is very nascent for smart grid, comparing to the rest of the world, U.S. and Europe, for instance. Power utilities are running pilot projects, several technologies are being tested by different manufactures and policies and regulations are being defined. However, market potential is large considering the expected number of connected c...

  7. 31 Dec 2008  |  Latin America

    Brazilian Power Supply Security Markets and Practices


    This study covers the main practices and the market for power supply security solutions in Brazil.

  8. 11 Jun 2008  |  Latin America

    Latin America Power Plant Services Market


    The Latin American power plant services market is growing, owing to the increasing installations of power plants and an existing base that requires higher investments over maintenance. The plant services industry is considered to be of prime importance. It works in conjunction with the new installations, but, unlike the latter, the former is not...

  9. This research study presents market research for the Sugarcane Bagasse for Power Generation in Brazilian Market for the period 2007 to 2014. Detailed information is included for this market, including drivers and restraints affecting each market. The competitive structure is analyzed, with details of all major market participants, and the supply st...

  10. 03 Sep 2007  |  Latin America

    Latin American Renewable Energy Markets


    Owing to the rapid advancement in economic growth attributed to various factors and an ever-increasing population, the demand for electricity has been increasing at a rapid pace. To meet this demand, considerable amount of capacity needs to be installed throughout the region. Primarily, installations of hydro and fossil fuel-based power plants are ...