Freight Transportation

  1. 19 Dec 2016  |  Asia Pacific

    An Insight on Use of Drones in Global Logistics Industry, Forecast to 2020

    Logistics Innovation through Adoption of Drones will Lead to Efficient Supply Chain in Urban, Suburban, and Rural Areas

    Logistics service providers are exploring new delivery methods to increase their operational efficiency due to the integration of E-commerce and logistics services. Drone technology provides the best option for logistics service providers to tackle supply chain problems, which usually involve last-mile connectivity and labor issues. Lack of regula...


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  2. This market insight discusses the impact of Australia’s automotive industry on the logistics market. The Australia automotive industry plays an important role in employment, exports, and innovation in the Australian economy. In particular, innovation in the automotive industry results in significant spillover effects across the economy. The curre...


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  3. 09 Jun 2016  |  Asia Pacific

    Autonomous Trucks in Southeast Asia

    Future of Road Freight Transport in Emerging Countries

    Autonomous driving technology is still a new concept for countries that belong to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). However, the potential benefits of this technology are expected to significantly impact freight transport. With government support, autonomous driving is likely to be the catalyst of improvements in the trucking sect...


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  4. 30 May 2016  |  Asia Pacific

    Cross Border Transport Services Opportunities in Southeast Asia

    Regional Trade Growth Drives Demand for Cost-effective Logistics Solutions

    Scope of the report The research report includes the following segments: Product scope: Cross-border transport services, freight, and cargo Geographic scope: Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam End-user scope: Logistics service providers Revenue analysis and forecasts, drivers and restraints, market trends, geographic analysis, and challen...


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  5. 30 Oct 2015  |  Asia Pacific

    Australian Logistics Market

    An Executive Analysis of Key Industry Trends and Developments

    Final Abstract: Australia is isolated from key international markets. Therefore, an efficient logistics supply chain to ensure seamless movement of goods is vital to compete in international markets. This research provides insights into how regional developments, new trends, and key drivers and restraints will impact the industry volume and the var...


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  6. 22 Oct 2015  |  Asia Pacific

    Opportunities in Indonesias Logistics Market in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Context

    AEC Implementation will Trigger Big Growth Opportunities for Indonesia's Logistics Market

    The imminent ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is expected to have several implications on various economic sectors. This study provides a detailed overview of the implications and potential impact that the AEC will have on the Indonesian logistics market. It supplies key market dynamics such as drivers and restraints and evaluates the development in ...


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  7. 30 Sep 2015  |  Asia Pacific

    Strategic Analysis of Rail Market in Southeast Asia

    Key Trends and Implications

    This strategic analysis provides an insight into the growth opportunities in Southeast Asias rail market in emerging countries. The study discusses key trends, mega trends implications, market drivers and restraints, opportunities, market size, and future rail development. It also provides an overview of the railway operators in Malaysia, Thailand...


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  8. 08 Sep 2015  |  Asia Pacific

    Executive Analysis of Thailand Logistics Industry

    Economic Integration in ASEAN Drives Market Growth

    As trade expansion and inflows of foreign capital quicken the pace of Thailands economic growth, the countrys logistics industry is establishing itself as a crucial contributor to national competitiveness, thereby bringing with it associated economic multipliers. This research provides insights into how regional developments, new trends, and key ...


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  9. 24 Jul 2012  |  Asia Pacific

    Logistics Scenario Tracker on Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

    Exports Growth is a Key Driver for Logistics Market while Infrastructure Limitations Restrict Growth

    This research service provides an overview of the logistics scenario, and discusses the market practices, end-user needs, and opportunities for service providers in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The study also provides current revenue and forecast for logistics market along with market drivers and restraints. Further, a brief competitive anal...


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  10. 29 Jun 2012  |  Asia Pacific

    Strategic Analysis of Logistics Spend and Outsourcing Trends in India

    Low Performance of Service Providers on Key Metrics is a Major Challenge for End Users

    The research service provides detailed insights into the logistics spend and its breakup and logistics outsourcing practices in eight key industry sectors in India. Insights into criteria for service provider selection, contract periods, satisfaction with performance of current service provider, and major logistics challenges are also provided. It ...


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