Medical Devices

  1. 27 Nov 2017  |  Asia Pacific

    Key Medical Device Companies in Asia-Pacific, 2016

    A Favorable Healthcare Landscape will Drive the Billion-dollar Medical Devices Market

    This market insight aims to profile select medical device companies in Asia-Pacific for 2016. Research Scope: • The aim of this insight is to analyze and profile APAC medical device manufacturers, based on certain parameters. • It covers wound management, cardiovascular, orthopedic implants, infection control, and infusion...


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  2. 20 Aug 2015  |  Asia Pacific

    Analysis of the Immunochemistry Market in Malaysia

    Major Trends in the Domestic Market

    The Malaysian immunochemistry market is dominated by Roche, Siemens, and Beckman Coulter. Other participants are Becton Dickenson, Abbott, Sysmex, and some Chinese companies. The demand for immunochemistry tests in tertiary care hospitals is high. Automated equipment is preferred but some tier I and II hospitals operate on semi-automated chemistry ...


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  3. 07 Aug 2014  |  Asia Pacific

    China Wound Care Market

    Is the Local Potential Much Higher than the Exports?

    The Chinese wound care market is in the growth stage. Growing ageing population and rise in the incidence of lifestyle diseases, coupled with the increase in risk of chronic wounds and in affordability of better quality of wound care products provide the impetus for the Chinese wound care market. Universal coverage of public health insurance scheme...


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  4. 04 Feb 2014  |  Asia Pacific

    Disinfection and Sterilization Equipment Market Trends in Asia-Pacific

    Technology Adoption Driving Growth in Conventionally Mature Market

    There is an increasing adoption of low-temperature sterilization equipment. New equipment sales in existing and new hospitals, along with replacement sales in existing hospitals, are driving growth in both sterilization and disinfection equipment segments. The research team conducted a comprehensive review of secondary information sources, includin...


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  5. 23 Jan 2014  |  Asia Pacific

    Image-guided Surgery and Robot-assisted Surgery Market in Asia-Pacific

    Developed Markets Experiment with the Latest Technologies in Surgery

    This research service covers the revenues and trends in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) image-guided surgery (IGS) and robot-assisted surgery (RAS) market. Higher disposable income, penetration of health insurance, and improvement in overall quality of life necessitate the need for quality healthcare services. This has led to investment in assistive techno...


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  6. 19 Nov 2013  |  Asia Pacific

    Analysis of the Endoscopy Devices Market in Australia, South Korea, and Southeast Asia

    Opportunity for New Installation Spurs Market Growth

    This research service presents an analysis of the endoscopy devices in focusing on Australia, South Korea and Southeast Asian market. The elderly population in Asia-Pacific is increasing at a rapid rate. The growing aging society translates to increase in lifestyle disease leading to chronic diseases and age-related surgeries. With innovations in h...


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  7. 23 Jul 2013  |  Asia Pacific

    Analysis of the Wound Care and Wound Closure Market in Asia-Pacific

    A Blend of Traditional and Advanced Products for Effective Wound Healing

    This research service presents an analysis of the wound care and wound closure market in Asia-Pacific. The elderly population in Asia-Pacific is increasing at a rapid rate. In 2012, there were approximately around 420.0 million people above the age of 60 years living in this region. This increasingly aging society translates into increase in lifest...


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