1. 21 Jun 2016  |  Global

    Clinical mHealth Growth Opportunities


    The mHealth enabled care market is growing at a rapid pace with over 0.15 million health apps in 2015 leading to an endless number of possibilities of smartphone usage for revolutionizing healthcare. From reading and analyzing a patient’s vital body data, medication adherence, and chronic disease management to early diagnosis of complex disorders...


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  2. 28 Sep 2012  |  Global

    Overview of mHealth Market in India

    Increased Rate of Mobile Adoption and Low Cost Services Provide Major Thrust for mHealth Market.

    The study provides an overview of the mHealth market in India. The study forecasts the healthcare and healthcare information technology expenditure in India The study identifies the major areas where mobile platform can be used and then describes the key stakeholders in mHealth in India. The research also describes the drivers and restraints for th...


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  3. 30 Jun 2012  |  Global

    Advances in mHealth Technologies (Technical Insights)

    mHealth is positioned to streamline and boost diabetes and cardiac disease management

    mHealth (Mobile health) is an exciting area of opportunity for healthcare growth and will provide innovative solutions for stakeholders, both providers and patients alike, across the spectrum. In terms of patients health and well-being, medical device companies are striving to focus upon robust home and mobile healthcare applications that enable m...


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