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The mHealth enabled care market is growing at a rapid pace with over 0.15 million health apps in 2015 leading to an endless number of possibilities of smartphone usage for revolutionizing healthcare. From reading and analyzing a patient’s vital body data, medication adherence, and chronic disease management to early diagnosis of complex disorders with help from mobile tools, smartphones are on their way to becoming the ATMs of healthcare. Business cases ranging from patient monitoring, decision support, telemedicine, treatment compliance to mobile patient records retrieval and mobile tools and attachments have all cropped up in the last 3 years, leading to significant interest in this market from all quarters

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Research Scope
CEO’s Perspective
Market Projections
Big Themes in mHealth Enabled Care
2. Market Evolution of mHealth Enabled Care
Internet of Medical Things and Smart Devices
mHealth Enabled Care Market Segmentation
Smartphones—Definition, Capabilities, Uses in Healthcare
Smartphone Evolution in Healthcare—Software Capabilities
Unmet Needs Met through Smartphones
Drivers for mHealth Enabled Care
Barriers to mHealth Enabled Care
3. Market Projections of the mHealth Enabled Care Market
mHealth Enabled Care Frost and Sullivan Market Projections
mHealth Enabled Care Market Forecast
mHealth Enabled Care Market—Key Takeaways
Scenario Analysis
Driving Value in Developed Healthcare Systems with mHealth Enabled Care
Driving Value in Underserved Healthcare Systems with mHealth Enabled Care
mHealth Enabled Care Economic Opportunity Analysis
4. Smartphone Healthcare Apps Ecosystem
Key Themes—Smartphone Apps Ecosystem
Increasing Usage of Smartphone Apps in Healthcare
Distinguishing Consumer vs Medical Apps
Categories of Smartphone Apps for Healthcare
Smartphone Apps for Varied Healthcare Applications
Impact of Smartphones on Healthcare—Current Statistics
Consumer Attitudes Towards App Usage for Health/Fitness
Top 10 Health App Categories and Future Potential
Future Attractiveness of Top 8 Health App Categories
mHealth Enabled Care—Major Attractive Health App Categories and Market Potential
Business Model Case Study—physiQ
Business Model Case Study—Iggbo
Business Model Case Study—SERMO
5. Mobile Tools for Smartphones
Key Themes—Smartphone Attached Mobile Tools
Applications for Smartphone-Attached Mobile Tools
Business Model Outline for Smartphone Attached Mobile Tools or Devices
Diagnostic Mobile Tools/Devices Attached to Smartphones
Upcoming Mobile Tools/Devices Attached to Smartphones
Business Model Case Study—Philips Lumify
Top 6 Smartphone Attached Mobile Tools or Devices Categories and Future Potential
Future Attractiveness of Top 6 Smartphone Attached Mobile Tools or Devices Categories
mHealth Enabled Care—Major Attractive Mobile Tools or Device Categories and Market Potential
6. Healthcare Enterprise Smartphones
Key Themes—Healthcare Enterprise Smartphones
What Role could a Dedicated Smartphone for Healthcare Play?
Smartphone Evolution in Healthcare—Hardware Capabilities
Case Study—Lifewatch V
Case Study—Ascom Myco
Case Study—Zebra MC40-HC Mobile Computer
Case Study—Modular Smartphones
7. Ecosystem Integrators
Key Themes—Ecosystem Integrators
Apple and HealthKit Platform
Samsung and S Health Platform
Qualcomm Life
Key Tech/Telecom Giants in the Mobile Healthcare Game
Key Telecom Giants in the Mobile Healthcare Game
8. Key Conclusions
Strategies for Success in Building a Smartphone-based Healthcare Business Model
Concluding Thoughts
9. Legal Disclaimer
10. The Frost & Sullivan Story- The Journey to Visionary Innovation
The Frost & Sullivan Story
Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career
Global Perspective
Industry Convergence
360º Research Perspective
Implementation Excellence
Our Blue Ocean Strategy

List of Figures & Charts

1. mHealth Enabled Care Market: Market Potential—Scenario Analysis, Revenue and Growth, Global, 2015–2021

1. mHealth Enabled Care Market: Frost and Sullivan Scenario: Revenues, Global, 2015 and 2021
2. Share of Health App Categories in App Stores, Global, 2015
3. mHealth Enabled Care Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2013–2021
4. Share of mHealth App Categories in App Stores, Global, 2015 **
5. Use of Mobile Apps to Track Health and Wellness by Age
6. Likelihood to Pay for Expanded Health Analysis on Mobile Apps by Age
7. Addressable Mobile Tools/Devices Market Potential in USD Billion (in Value)

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