Network Security

Cybersecurity has become an extremely relevant and pressing issue with the passing of time, and is only about to increase in importance. All organizations have sensitive data that needs to be protected to maintain the organization’s edge in technology, IP, business innovation and most importantly, their customers. Virtually every industry, from banking/financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, technology, retail, manufacturing services, and public sector either have or critically need to have network security solutions in place to protect their networks and systems from internal or external harm.

Frost & Sullivan’s Information Technology research and consulting programs look at conventional and unconventional technologies, with specific focus on top-level potential disruptors such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IOT or the Internet of Things. In the Network Security market, we look at, among other segments:

  • Infrastructure Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Managed Security Services
  • Access Control
  • Vulnerability Research

We work closely with the world’s largest IT firms and upcoming disruptive start-ups to predict macro and micro trends related to products, services, technology and business models that can define growth. Tailored, customized solutions provide clients with the best strategies for growth, supported by the right key data points researched to meet the client’s needs and the specific engagement. Our research spans broadly across the sector and provides deep insights into specific markets in the most significant areas of IT and the IT industry.

  1. 03 Aug 2022  |  North America

    US SD-WAN Enterprise Survey: Adoption Trends by Business Size

    SD-WAN Forms the Foundation to Digital Transformation Initiatives

    In this report, Frost & Sullivan provides a detailed analysis of the 2021 US SD-WAN survey conducted among different business sizes on their preferences for SD-WAN. The survey respondents are C-suite and IT/network decision-makers among different business sizes, including small businesses (250 to 499 employees), mid-size businesses (500 to 999 empl...

  2. 01 Jun 2022  |  North America

    Global SASE Growth Opportunities

    Future Growth Potential of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Due to Accelerated Cloud Migration and Hybrid Workforce Requirements

    SASE has gained prominence, but its actual adoption from a single vendor remains low globally. SASE is a very intrusive concept and has caused prudence and cautiousness among global businesses. Confusion and misconception about SASE remain high among businesses, as many still perceive it as a cloud-delivered security solution, not a total network s...

  3. 28 Jan 2022  |  North America

    Public Transport Layer Security (TLS) Certificate Market, Global, Forecast to 2026

    Steady Growth Ahead, Primarily Driven by the OV Certificate Segment

    The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the lives of billions of people worldwide. Most people saw the height of the pandemic’s impact in 2020 when governments were scrambling to implement mitigating steps to curb the spread and lethality of the virus. Organizations of all kinds have undergone digital transformation journeys to prepare ...

  4. 24 Dec 2021  |  North America

    The Global NAC Industry Growth Reflects Requirements of the New Corporate Networks

    Vendors are Enhancing Network Visibility and Discovery of Devices to Improve NAC Outcomes

    As part of Frost & Sullivan’s ongoing research on Cybersecurity, we recently concluded research on the Global Network Access Control (NAC) market. NAC products and services allow enterprises to see and control the myriad endpoints that are trying to connect or are already connected to corporate networks. Pre-defined policies, and regular patching...

  5. 24 Dec 2021  |  North America

    Frost Radar™: Global NAC Market, 2021

    A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action - Innovation That Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

    As part of Frost & Sullivan’s ongoing research on the Network Access Control (NAC) market, this is the first edition of Frost Radar™ – Global NAC Market. NAC products and services allow enterprises to see and control the myriad endpoints that are trying to connect or are already connected to corporate networks. Pre-defined policies, and regul...

  6. 21 Dec 2021  |  North America

    Global Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solutions Growth Opportunities

    The Ever-changing Threat Landscape and Expanded Attack Surface Drive the Future Growth Potential of Privileged Access Management Solutions

    Cyberattacks continued to increase in 2020 and will constantly evolve in the future with increasing sophistication and blended techniques. Attacks on privileged accounts are expected to rise, as working from home and hybrid working environments will continue to prevail in the years to come due to the pandemic. The digital transformation journey...

  7. 25 Oct 2021  |  North America

    Managed and Professional Security Services Market in the Americas, Forecast 2025

    IT/OT Convergence, XDR, and Expansion to LATAM to Generate Market Growth

    Cyberattacks and data breaches increasingly appear in the news. The recent compromises of SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline, and JBS did not only draw the attention of cybersecurity professionals but raised concerns among policymakers and the business community. The common thread in these attacks is a high degree of sophistication. Most organizations...

  8. 28 Jan 2021  |  North America

    Transformative Mega Trends Drive the Global Secure SD-WAN Market, Forecast to 2024

    Technology Strategy Driven by the Convergence of Security and SD-WAN

    Secure SD-WAN refers to solutions (product or services) that offer SD-WAN connectivity and security capabilities to create a secure SD-WAN environment to protect remote branches, users, devices, and cloud applications from cyber threats when connected to external Internet and cloud services using insecure Internet broadband and/or cellular networks...


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  9. 23 Oct 2020  |  North America

    Managed and Professional Security Services Market in the Americas, Forecast to 2024

    The Industry’s Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity Encompasses Threat Intelligence, Research Detection and Remediation, and Compl

    The volume, sophistication, and diversity of cyber threats are an unrelenting problem for companies’ internal information security teams. Outsourcing to manage and secure IT environments has become a cost-effective option for those with outdated or otherwise inadequate cybersecurity practices. Competition and pricing pressure will intensify o...


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  10. 17 Aug 2020  |  North America

    Frost Radar™: Global Threat Intelligence Platform Market, 2020

    Benchmarking Future Growth Potential

    The growing media attention to cyberattacks and data breaches contributes to raising awareness of cybercrime along with the financial and reputational losses that it causes. Besides, the increasing complexity of cyberattacks highlights the necessity of adopting a proactive, threat intelligence-driven approach to cybersecurity. To secure a modern en...


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