Power and Distribution Transformers Market Research

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05 Aug 2016  |  Global

Global Transformer Market

Market Growth Led by T&D Infrastructure Investments in Developing Regions and Replacement Demand in Developed Regions

The growth of the global transformer market is led by higher investments in replacing ageing infrastructure, especially in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and Japan. Asia-Pacific, including China, is the largest and fastest-growing market, mainly driven by transmission and distribution developments and industrial growth in Southea...

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25 Nov 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Southeast Asia Power and Distribution Transformers Market

Strong Industrial Growth and Increasing Urbanization Lift Prospects in Next 5 Years

The Southeast Asia transformers market is in the growth stage with several transmission and distribution (T&D) grid projects underway in various stages of development. Governmental T&D investment plans, industrial projects, urbanization trends, rural electrification, and renewable energy projects drive this market. Still, the demand for oil type tr...

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24 Dec 2013  |  Global

Analysis of the Global Transformer Market

T&D Infrastructure Investments Drive Demand in Developing Countries

The objective of this study is to analyze the evolving dynamics, trends, and challenges of key technologies in the transmission and distribution space. This research specifically focuses on power & distribution transformers globally. The total market forecast is developed for the major global regions including North America, Europe, APAC, China, La...

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24 Dec 2012  |  Latin America

The Peruvian and Uruguayan HV Transformer Market

Small Markets Feature Steady Growth Opportunities

This research service provides an analysis of the high-voltage (HV) transformer market in Peru and Uruguay. The HV transformer market is likely to experience steady growth due to the expected capacity addition in the Peruvian and Uruguayan power sectors in the near future. In fact, utility expansion plans reveal a genuine and ongoing need for HV tr...

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19 Oct 2012  |  Latin America

Growth Opportunities in the Brazilian Distribution Transformers Market

Dry-type Technologies to Increase Companies' Product Offerings

This research service analyzes the Brazilian market for distribution transformers. The market experienced huge growth in 2012, leveraged by investments on grid reinforcement and industrial activity. There are latent opportunities within the distribution, generation, and industry segments. Nonetheless, the market is estimated to enter in a consolida...

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26 Sep 2012  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Brazilian High-voltage Power Transformers Market

Latent Infrastructure Investments are Driving Developments

The Brazilian market for high-voltage power transformers grew significantly in 2011, primarily due to the announcement of investments in the World Cup and Olympic Games. However, according to study findings, this growth trend is expected to taper off. This study includes analysis of two segments: generation, transmission, and distribution (GTD) and...

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09 Aug 2012  |  Europe

Adoption of Transformerless UPS in Europe


This deliverable tracks the recent developments in the transformerless UPS technology, its benefits, development life cycle, pricing trends, industry perception, demand patterns in developed and emerging economies, revenue forecasts, and a brief comparison with transformer-based UPS in the European geographic region. The market potential of incorpo...

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28 Jun 2012  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Strategic Analysis of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Power Transformers Market

Dominance of Multinational Companies Set to Reduce

The GCC power transformers market is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR during the forecast period. Saudi Arabia generated most of the revenue, followed by the United Arab Emirates. In addition to the prominent multinational companies, some local manufacturers have gained technology expertise by re-engineering, joint ventures and technology transfe...

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05 Jun 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Southeast Asia Power and Distribution Transformers Market (2011 Update)

Market Expanding for 'Green' and Energy-efficient Transformers

The study concentrates on the Southeast Asian P&D transformers market which is in the growth stage of the industry life cycle. The region has been employing energy-efficient transformers and environmental friendly 'green transformers' for its applications in power utilities and industries. The market for these types of transformers in countries suc...

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28 May 2012  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Strategic Analysis of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Distribution Transformers Market

Gearing for a Change in Regional Dynamics

The GCC distribution transformers market is well established, with considerable demand from power generation companies, transmission and distribution (T&D) utilities and industrial end-user segments. The following segments have been covered in this study: 1.0 MVA-3.0 MVA and 3.1 MVA-10.0 MVA. The countries covered are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab ...

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