1. 30 Mar 2016  |  Global

    Innovations in Global Proteomics Technologies Market

    Advanced Mass Spectrometry (MS) Technologies, Bioinformatics Platforms and 3D Imaging Techniques to be Invigorated by Collaborative Endeavors

    This research service covers key technological trends and developments in proteomic technologies that are likely to have a high impact in the near future. Based on the survey and observation of the global proteomics industry, advances and technological trends across existing and emerging proteomic technologies have been detailed. While providing br...

  2. Outlines global innovation and technology development in the field of functional proteomics.

  3. 24 Jan 2006  |  North America

    U.S. Proteomics Arrays Markets


    This research service analyzes the market for proteomics array technologies within the United States. The market was divided into the consumables and instrumentation segments. The consumables markets is further subsegmented with bead-based arrays and planar arrays. Technologies include mid and high density antibody arrays, functional protein array...

  4. 04 Nov 2005  |  North America

    U.S. Proteomics Sample Preparation Markets


    This research service analyzes the market for proteomics sample preparation solutions within the United States. The United States market was divided into the commodity chemistries and devices, targeted sample extraction or fractionation kits, kits for the affinity capture of high abundant proteins, and pre-spectrometry sample digest and cleanup so...

  5. This research service covers the different proteomic technologies namely the separation and the protein identification methods alongwith their market trends and revenue forecasts. This research also examines the different market drivers and industry challenges faced by the market participants, competition structure and strategic recommendations.

  6. 27 Jun 2005  |  Asia Pacific

    Genomics and Proteomics Markets in Australia


    The report covers the major attributes of Genomics and Proteomics Markets in Australia. The Executive summary gives the details of teh report in brief. A separate analysis of the Genomics and Proteomics markets have been done giving details about the market size from the year 2002-2007. Apart from this, a total market analysis was done along with c...

  7. This research service tracks, analyzes and profiles emerging technologies, especially genomics and proteomics for drug discovery in Europe

  8. The protein LC market is a small but growing segmentof the total LC market. Technologies being aimed at the proteomics market are being becoming increasingly miniturized to provide researchers with a high level of information for the small amounts of precious protein samples.

  9. 29 Sep 2003  |  Global

    World Functional Proteomics Markets


    Biological researchers are now facing the tasks of assigning molecular and cellular function to the high number of predicted genes from the still ongoing genome projects. Gene encode proteins and the further understanding of proteins and their function is a major objective.An important step in the overall understanding of function includes the dete...

  10. 17 Jun 2003  |  Global

    World Proteomics Automation Markets


    Proteomics has been a rapidly emerging field recently, especially in the last five to ten years with the availability of soft ionization techniques and the widespread availability of sequence databases. The methods used, such as 2-D gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry, are not particularly new, and the field of protein chemistry is not eithe...