Innovations in Computer Vision Applications Powered by AI

Harnessing Emerging Business Opportunities Through Visual Intelligence

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Computer vision is a rapidly burgeoning field, with the potential to revolutionize various applications such as advanced driver assistance systems, medical imaging, precision agriculture, retail, advertising, media, security and surveillance, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and robotics.This report answers the following questions: • Which are the analytics sub-technologies that are being adopted? • What are the major application areas for these technologies? • What are some industries impacted? • What are some use-cases of successful implementation? • What are some innovative business models being driven by advanced analytics? • What is the patent scenario globally? • What are some game-changing

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope2.0 Key Findings2.1 Driving Systems, Medical Diagnostics, and Retail Will be Transformed by Intelligent Vision Systems2.2 Gesture and Facial Recognition Will Revolutionize The Future of Customer Experience 2.3 Data: The Currency of the Future3.0 Overview of the Topic3.1 What is Computer Vision and How is it Useful?3.2 Some Significant Computer Vision Application Areas3.3 Convolutional Neural Nets (CNNs) Have Spurred the Evolution of Computer Vision3.4 Factors Driving the Adoption of Computer Vision3.5 Factors Challenging the Adoption of Computer Vision3.6 Advanced Analytics Technology Value Chain3.7 Value From Intelligent Vision Systems4.0 Innovations in AI-powered Computer Vision4.1 Computer Vision in Image Processing & Analytics4.2 Which Companies are Enabling Image Analytics?4.3 Why Computer Vision in Medicine?4.4 Image Recognition Enables Automation in Healthcare – Use Case4.5 Image Recognition Enables Hyper-personalization in Retail – Use Case4.6 Image Recognition Enables Autotagging in Retail Leading to Greatly Automated Workflows– Use Case4.7 Computer Vision Helps Marketers Measure “Share of Eye”4.8 In-Image Advertising Helps Yeast Engagement Rise – Use Case4.9 Computer Vision in Precision Agriculture Increases Efficiencies– Use Case4.10 Computer Vision in Gesture Recognition4.11 Which Companies are Enabling Gesture Recognition?4.12 Gesture Recognition Increases Patient Engagement – Use Case4.13 Gesture Recognition Enables an Enhanced User Experience (Ux) – Use Case4.14 Computer Vision in Facial Recognition4.15 Which Companies are Enabling Facial Recognition?4.16 Facial Recognition Technology Enables Intelligent Attendance Systems – Use Case4.17 Computer Vision in Motion Detection & Object Tracking4.18 Which Companies are Enabling Object Detection & Tracking?4.19 The Retail Store of the Future is Here Now – Use Case4.20 ATM Surveillance With Uncanny Insights – Use Case4.21 Real Time Alerts Enable Timely Action– Use Case (Continued)4.22 Computer Vision in Eye Tracking Systems4.23 Which Companies are Enabling Eye Tracking?4.24 Eye Tracking in the Automotive Industry Leads to Hyper-personalization – Use Case4.25 Computer Vision in Emotion Analytics4.26 Which Companies are Enabling Emotion AI?4.27 Emotion AI in Media and Advertising4.28 Emotion AI in Gaming and Education4.29 Emotion AI in Automotive and Robotics4.30 Emotion Analytics is Increasingly Used in Autism Research– Use Case4.31 Computer Vision in Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)4.32 Which Companies are Enabling Computer Vision in ADAS?4.33 Robotic Taxi Service a Reality– Use Case5.0 Patents & Technology Roadmap5.1 Rise in Data and Computing Power Will Spur Innovation5.2 Microsoft is Using the Cloud to Harness the Potential of AI5.3 Computer Vision: Future Innovation Potential6.0 Funding & Consolidations6.1 Computer Vision: Key Funding Deals6.2 Computer Vision: Mergers and Acquisitions6.2 Computer Vision: Mergers and Acquisitions (Continued)7.0 The Synergies of Technology Convergences7.1 Convergence of Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Biomarkers Will Lead to Prevention and Personalized Cures for Cancer7.2 The Future of Retail Will Involve Hyper-personalization Delivered to Your Doorstep7.3 Robots Will Use Computer Vision to Create Truly Intelligent Beings7.4 Emerging Business Models – Technology Licensing is Spurring Innovation7.5 Emerging Business Models – Crowdsourced Mobile Intelligence 8.0 Key Contacts8.1 Key Contacts8.1 Key Contacts (continued)Legal Disclaimer

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