Innovations in Water Production and Its Impact on Key Sectors

Critical water innovations of the 21st century

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Water is necessary for many applications apart from sustaining life. Because it may not be available in sufficient quantity or at the quality required, some form of treatment may be necessary to meet the needs of an application. More stringent water quality specifications normally require more elaborate treatment methods. Challenges of availing clean water suitable for specific applications have led to innovations in water production to meet the needs of each sector. This research service reports on innovations in water production that specifically impact each key sector. It gives the industry snapshot of each key sector, its current water scenario, innovation landscape, global trends and technology roadmap til

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryResearch Objectives and ScopeTechnical Insights–Research Process and MethodologyKey FindingsIntroductionWater Uses by Sector and RegionKey TrendsWater NeedsKey Sectors1. Drinking Water SectorDrinking Water – Industry SnapshotDrinking Water – Current ScenarioDrinking Water – Innovation LandscapeDrinking Water – Innovation Landscape (continued)Drinking Water – Global TrendsDrinking Water – Emerging Technology Roadmap2. Agriculture SectorAgriculture – Industry SnapshotAgriculture – Water ScenarioAgriculture – Innovation LandscapeAgriculture – Innovation Landscape (continued)Agriculture – Global TrendsAgriculture – Emerging Technology Roadmap3. Energy SectorEnergy – Industry SnapshotEnergy – Water ScenarioEnergy – Innovation LandscapeEnergy – Innovation Landscape (continued)Energy – Global TrendsEnergy – Emerging Technology Roadmap4. Semiconductor SectorSemiconductor – Industry SnapshotSemiconductor – Water ScenarioSemiconductor – Innovation LandscapeSemiconductor – Innovation Landscape (continued)Semiconductor – Global TrendsSemiconductor – Emerging Technology Roadmap5. Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals SectorLife Sciences and Pharmaceuticals – Industry SnapshotLife Sciences and Pharmaceuticals – Water ScenarioLife Sciences and Pharmaceuticals – Innovation LandscapeLife Sciences and Pharmaceuticals – Innovation Landscape (continued)Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals – Global TrendsLife Sciences and Pharmaceuticals – Emerging Technology Roadmap7. Food and Beverage Processing SectorFood and Beverage Processing – Industry SnapshotFood and Beverage Processing – Water ScenarioFood and Beverage Processing – Innovation LandscapeFood and Beverage Processing – Innovation Landscape (continued)Food and Beverage Processing – Global TrendsFood and Beverage Processing – Emerging Technology Roadmap8. Pulp and Paper SectorPulp and Paper – Industry SnapshotPulp and Paper – Water ScenarioPulp and Paper – Innovation LandscapePulp and Paper – Innovation Landscape (continued)Pulp and Paper – Global TrendsPulp and Paper – Emerging Technology RoadmapChemicals SectorChemicals – Industry SnapshotChemicals – Water ScenarioChemicals – Innovation LandscapeChemicals – Innovation Landscape (continued)Chemicals – Global TrendsChemicals – Emerging Technology RoadmapInnovative Catalysts for Water ProductionFishes and Loaves Model For-profit and Non-profit Cooperation Trading Water As A Commodity Multiple-use Water ServicesLegal DisclaimerAppendixKey PatentsKey Patents (continued)Key Patents (continued)Key Patents (continued)Key ContactsKey Contacts (continued)Key Contacts (continued)The Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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