Mega Trends in Malaysia

Top Mega Trends in Malaysia to 2025 and the Implications to Business, Society, and Culture

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The research service sets the stage for visionary thinking by identifying and analyzing the various Mega Trends in Malaysia that will impact and shape the country’s economy, society, and culture. For the purpose of this study, Mega Trends are categorized into urbanization, society, economy, technology, energy, infrastructure, mobility, health and wellness, and retail trends. This presentation also highlights examples of projects, companies, and technologies that will invade and change the business ecosystem in the country over the next decade. It also provides an analysis of the macro-to-micro implications of the Mega Trends on various industries in driving convergence of competition.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive Summary—Top 10 Future Facts About MalaysiaExecutive Summary—Top 10 Future Facts About Malaysia (continued)Executive Summary—Connectivity and Convergence TrendsExecutive Summary—Connectivity and Convergence Trends (continued)Executive Summary—Bricks and ClicksExecutive Summary—Bricks and Clicks (continued)Executive Summary—Social TrendsExecutive Summary—Social Trends (continued)Executive Summary—Social Trends (continued)Executive Summary—Economic TrendsExecutive Summary—Economic Trends (continued)Executive Summary—UrbanizationExecutive Summary—Urbanization (continued)Executive Summary—Future of InfrastructureExecutive Summary—Future of Infrastructure (continued)Executive Summary—Future of EnergyExecutive Summary—Health, Wellness, and Well-beingExecutive Summary—Health, Wellness, and Well-being (continued)Executive Summary—Future of MobilityExecutive Summary—Future of Mobility (continued)Executive Summary—Future of Mobility (continued)Executive Summary—Macro-to-micro Analysis of Key Mega TrendsExecutive Summary—Macro-to-micro Analysis of Key Mega Trends (continued)Research Scope, Objectives, and MethodologyResearch ScopeResearch Aims and ObjectivesResearch BackgroundResearch Methodology—From Macro-to-microResearch Methodology—From Macro-to-micro (continued)Definitions Used in thDefinitionsAbbreviations/AcronymsAbbreviations/Acronyms (continued)Connectivity and ConvergenceConnectivity and Convergence TrendsConnectivity and Convergence Trends—3G+ subscribersConnectivity Malaysia—Proliferation of Connected Devices by 2025Connectivity and Convergence Trends—Digital DependencyConnectivity and Convergence Trends—Malaysia’s Internet EconomyConnectivity and Convergence Trends—Mobile Apps EconomyConnectivity and Convergence Trends—Digital Malaysia PlanConnectivity and Convergence Trends—Space JamMacro-to-micro Implications of Connectivity Trends in MalaysiaBricks and ClicksBricks and Clicks Retail Model—OverviewBricks and Clicks—Convergence of Retail and eCommerceBricks and Clicks—Bricks vs. ClicksBricks and Clicks Work Both Ways in MalaysiaFuture Retailing Business Models—The Bricks and Clicks MatrixMacro-to-micro Implications of Bricks and Clicks in MalaysiaSocial TrendsSocial Trends—Gen Y PopulationSocial Trends—Gen Y Growth RateGeneration Y—Goods and Services Catered to Values, Beliefs, Interests, and LifestyleSocial Trends—She-conomySocial Trends—She-conomy in MalaysiaSocial Trends—Income PyramidSocial Trends—Aging MalaysiaSocial Trends—GeosocializationSocial Trends—Heterogeneous SocietyMacro-to-micro Implications of Social Trends in MalaysiaEconomic TrendsEconomic Trends—Economic GrowthEconomic Trends—Economic CorridorsEconomic Trends—Economic Corridors (continued)Economic Trends—Contribution of Investments to GDPEconomic Trends—Future Manufacturing HotspotsEconomic Trends—ASEAN and Malaysia’s Trading PartnersEconomic Trends—AEC to Open New Avenues for MalaysiaEconomic Trends—Tourism Capital of Southeast AsiaMacro-to-micro Implications of Economic Trends on MalaysiaUrbanizationOverview and Introduction—4 Main Trends in UrbanizationUrbanization Trends—Mega Cities and a Mega RegionUrbanization Trends—Sustainable CitiesSustainable Cities—Iskandar Low-Carbon City Development PlanSustainable Cities—Putrajaya Green City 2025Macro-to-micro Implications of Urbanization in MalaysiaInnovating to ZeroInnovating To Zero—Snapshot of a “Zero Concept” World in 2025Innovating to Zero—Examples of Innovating to Zero in MalaysiaMacro-to-micro Implications of Innovating to Zero in MalaysiaFuture Business Models—Consumer Initiative Business Model and Value for ManyFuture Business Models—New Business Models Canvas for MalaysiaFuture Business Models—Key Business Model PropositionsFuture Business Models—Consumer Initiative Business ModelsFuture Business Models—Value for Many Macro-to-micro Implications of Future Business Models in MalaysiaFuture Infrastructure Development—Public Infrastructure Spending, Expansion of Ports and Aviation, and High-speed RailFuture Infrastructure Development—Future Infrastructure SpendingFuture Infrastructure Development—Expansion of AviationFuture Infrastructure Development—Ports as Trade AnchorsFuture Infrastructure Development—Expansion of PortsFuture Infrastructure Development—High-Speed Rail (HSR)Macro-to-micro Implications of Future Infrastructure Development Trends in MalaysiaFuture Energy and Power Sector Trends—Power Supply Composition, Smart Grids, and LNG Liquefaction and RegasificationEnergy and Power Trends—Power Supply Composition in MalaysiaSmart Grids—The Future Energy InternetEnergy and Power Trends—LNG Liquefaction and RegasificationPlanned New Generation Capacity Projects, Peninsular Malaysia, 2015–2020Macro-to-micro Implications Energy and Power Trends in MalaysiaHealth, Wellness, and Well-being in MalaysiaOverview of the Healthcare Industry in MalaysiaHealthcare Profile of ASEAN CountriesSoutheast Asia Market Size by Healthcare SectorHealthcare Infrastructure in MalaysiaMedical Tourism and Senior-Living Industry in MalaysiaFuture Trends in Health, Wellness, and Well-beingMacro-to-micro Implications of Health, Wellness, and Well-being in MalaysiaFuture of Mobility—Integrated Solutions, COMOS, and Green CarsFuture of Mobility—Integrated SolutionsFuture of Mobility—Integrated SolutionsFuture of Mobility—Mobility Integrator MarketFuture of Mobility—Cohesive Mobility Solutions (COMOS)Future of Mobility—Green Cars in MalaysiaFuture of Mobility—Focus on the “Application” SideMacro-to-micro Implications for the Future of Mobility in MalaysiaMacro-to-micro AnalysisMega Trend Matrix—Understanding Implications of Key Mega Trends on the Malaysian EconomyAppendixDefinition of Mega TrendsSustainable Cities—Cyberjaya Digital Green City 2025Future of Mobility—Cashless Toll Payment SystemLegal DisclaimerAbout Frost & SullivanThe Frost & Sullivan StoryWhat Makes Us UniqueOur Global Client BaseOur Industry CoverageOur Research MethodologyOur Services

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