Mobile Health and Telemedicine Markets in Brazil, Forecast to 2020

Tele-imaging, Connected Devices, and Distance Learning Offer Value Propositions in an Infant Telehealth Industry

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Brazil’s telemedicine market is likely to increase from $495.3 million in 2015 to $743.8 million in 2017 whereas the mHealth market revenue will grow from $446.8 million to $1.43 billion over the same period. Telemedicine is strongly focused on teleradiology in Brazil, which represents over 98% of the market segment revenue. Other telemedicine applications encompass real-time solutions such as specialist consultation and distance learning/education. mHealth is a promising market with a broad range of applications including delivery through telemedicine. Nevertheless, it encounters several barriers to realizing the market potential. From wearables to apps, vital signs remote monitoring and chronic disease management, mHealth is constantly transforming the entire ecosystem with new value proposition and solutions. Digital health in Brazil offers huge opportunity given that industry convergence is transforming how care is delivered via the intersection between the healthcare and ICT industries.

Forecast Segmentation:
mHealth—focus on chronic patient management, telecom counseling, wearables and connected devices, paid applications
Telemedicine—focus on tele-imaging and real-time telemedicine

Research Scope:
Telemedicine and mHealth products and services, including perspectives on current and future trends (findings discussed within the context of Frost & Sullivan’s views regarding the telehealth industry in Brazil)

•     Market introduction (definitions of scope, stage of mHealth and telemedicine, regulatory space)
•     Market forecasts and trends for 2016–2020 (areas of growth opportunity near and long term, key drivers and restraints, novel business models)
•     Market value chain (key stakeholders in both mHealth and telemedicine markets)
•     Strategic imperatives (key requirements to succeed in the Brazilian marketplace going forward)

Key Questions This Study Will Answer:
•     What is the current stage of mHealth and telemedicine in Brazil?
•     Which areas in mHealth and telemedicine provide growth opportunities in the near and long term?
•     What are the key drivers and restraints impacting the mHealth and telemedicine markets?
•     Who are the key stakeholders in Brazil that are part of the digital health value chain?
•     What are the key requirements to succeed in the Brazilian marketplace going forward?

The Brazilian telehealth market includes an array of health IT, tech, and communication technologies stakeholders who are stepping forward to be a part of a complex ecosystem of digital health where health data collection, curation, and effective utilization will be mandatory as the market evolves. While some areas are more limited than what is occurring elsewhere (e.g., North America), sectors such as teleradiology/tele-imaging and specialist services represent realized value opportunities that boost market revenue. It is essential for vendors to understand fully the Brazilian healthcare market and its inherent idiosyncrasies to optimize chances of success, especially if looking to enter from another country or region.

This study provides readers an overview of the key market factors, drivers and restraints, and value chain activity specific to Brazil, including vendors throughout the ecosystem, company cases, and a insightful view of country’s healthcare landscape.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Market Findings
Market Summary
Market Potential
Current Unmet Needs
Drivers and Restraints
CEO’s Perspective
Scope and Segmentation
2. An Introduction to Digital Health
Digital Health Ecosystem
Global Market Convergence in Digital Health
Groundbreaking Technologies Enabling New Healthcare Era
Market Segmentation
Digital Health Ecosystem
Remote Monitoring
Healthcare IT
Telehealth Sector Comparison in Brazil
Regulatory Milestones in Digital Health in Brazil
3. Emerging Digital Health Opportunities in the Brazilian Market
Three Main Segments that will Push Digital Health in Brazil
Healthcare Providers
Healthcare Payors
Life Sciences Industry
Key Target of Health Provider Segments for mHealth and Telemedicine
Leading Flagship Entities
Intermediate-to-Advanced Participants
Majority of Brazilian Providers
Digital Health Market Value Chain and Key Participants
4. Telemedicine Market—Overview
Telemedicine?Market Definitions
Telemedicine Technology Delivery Models in Brazil
Key Applications of Telemedicine in Brazil
Specialist Services
Telemedicine Education/Distance Learning
Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
Current Telemedicine Business Models
Education/Distance Learning
Specialist Services
Telemedicine Adoption Curve
Telemedicine Transformative Healthcare Impact Map
Government Regulations in Telemedicine
Government Initiatives and Regulations on Telemedicine
Market Drivers
Market is perceived to offer high cost savings and optimization of scalability by employing telemedicine applications
Desire to have access to high-quality medical care drives increasing care needs into the home and distant communities
Lack of specialized healthcare professionals requires efficient resource utilization and access
Increasing broadband and mobile devices penetration encourages telemedicine adoption
Market Restraints
Legislation and regulatory agencies limiting the ability to perform primary patient teleconsultation impedes access to care
Underdeveloped telecommunication infrastructure and protocols hinder progress. Level of technology adoption differs between the healthcare state and municipality offices
Inability to showcase ROI continues to restrain budgets
High-cost implementation hinders broader penetration
Key Requirements and Capabilities to Succeed in the Telemedicine Field
Outstanding Technology Structure
5. Telemedicine Market—Forecasts and Trends
Methodology Approach to Market Size and Forecast Development
Telemedicine—Market Segmentation
Telemedicine Market—Revenue Forecast
Telemedicine Market—Revenue Forecast by Segment
Telemedicine Value Chain
Key Technology Vendors in the Telemedicine Value Chain
Key Providers in the Telemedicine Value Chain
6. Telemedicine Market—Company Case Studies and Business Models
Cisco Partnering with Federal Medical University to Set Up Telemedicine Services
FIDI—Biggest Teleradiology Provider to the Public Health System
RUTE, a Well-established Government Tele-education Initiative
Hospital Einstein together with Cisco Establishing Telemedicine Solutions for Public Health Providers
7. Telemedicine Growth Opportunities
Strategic Imperatives for Telemedicine Providers
8. mHealth Market—Overview
mHealth?Market Definitions
mHealth Market?Market Segmentation
mHealth Technology Map in Brazil
Market Drivers
Increasing penetration of broadband, mobile networks, and devices encourages market growth
Growing smartphone penetration amongst medical professionals drives the adoption of mHealth solutions
Upcoming government initiatives encourage further private sector investment
Increasing awareness about health and wellness amongst consumers drives the demand for mHealth services
Market Restraints
Communicating clearly a promising ROI to the big clients (payors and providers) proves difficult
Interoperability, security, and safety challenges continue to limit the scope of mHealth applications available in Brazil
Regulatory stiffness withstands the register of mobile medical/clinical solutions turning into a slow process
Challenges in influencing consumer behavior continue to impact long-term adoption
Emerging mHealth Business Models
Key Factors to Unlock mHealth in Brazil
Key Requirements and Capabilities to Succeed in the mHealth Field
Beyond-Information Model
Co-pay & Risk-sharing Models
Robust Marketing Strategy
mHealth Opportunities in Brazil
9. mHealth Market—Forecasts and Trends
Methodology Approach to Market Size and Forecast Development
mHealth Market—Revenue and Percent Revenue Breakdown
mHealth Market—Revenue Forecast
mHealth Market—Revenue Forecast by Segment
Emerging Brazilian mHealth Value Chain
Snapshot of Mobile Health Providers in Brazil
Overview of Health-related Apps in Brazil
The Most Used Fitness and Wellness Apps Snapshot in Brazil
The Most Used Medical Apps Snapshot in Brazil
10. mHealth Company Case Studies and Business Models
Medicinia, the 1st Brazil-based mHealth Solution
Dr. Recomenda, Another Outstanding mHealth Participant in Brazil
CARENET Longevity
11. mHealth Growth Opportunities
Strategic Imperatives for mHealth Providers
12. Healthcare Landscape in Brazil
Brazilian Healthcare Pillars
Brazilian Healthcare Key Participants
Trends across the Brazilian Healthcare Ecosystem
Trends Impacting the Brazilian Healthcare System
13. The Last Word
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
14. Appendix
The Frost & Sullivan Telehealth Market Definitions
15. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. Telemedicine Market: Key Market Drivers, Brazil, 2016–2020
2. Telemedicine Market: Key Market Restraints, Brazil, 2016–2020
3. Telemedicine Market: Key Technology Vendors in the Value Chain, Brazil, 2015
4. Telemedicine Market: Key Providers in the Value Chain, Brazil, 2015
5. mHealth Market: Key Market Drivers, Brazil, 2016–2020
6. mHealth Market: Key Market Restraints, Brazil, 2016–2020

1. Digital Health Market: Ecosystem, Global, 2015
2. Digital Health Market: Market Segmentation, Brazil, 2015
3. Digital Health Market: Value Chain and Key Participants, Brazil, 2016
4. Telemedicine Market: Delivery Models, Brazil, 2015?2020
5. Telemedicine Market: Key Applications, Brazil, 2016
6. Telemedicine Market: Adoption Curve, Brazil, 2016?2020
7. Telemedicine Market: Technology Evolution, Brazil, 2016–2025
8. Telemedicine Market: Market Segmentation, Brazil, 2015
9. Telemedicine Market: Revenue Forecast Breakdown, Brazil, 2015–2020
10. Telemedicine Market: Revenue Forecast by Segment, Brazil, 2015–2020
11. Telemedicine Market: Value Chain, Brazil, 2016
12. mHealth Market: Market Segmentation, Brazil, 2015
13. mHealth Market: Technology Evolution, Brazil, 2016–2025
14. mHealth Market: Emerging Business Models, Brazil, 2016
15. mHealth Market: Revenue and Percent Revenue Breakdown, Brazil, 2015
16. mHealth Market: Revenue Forecast, Brazil, 2015–2020
17. mHealth Market: Revenue Forecast by Segment, Brazil, 2015–2020
18. Healthcare Market: Percent Public and Private Healthcare Expenditure, Brazil, 2015
19. Percent of Chronic Disease Population: Brazil, 2015
20. Consumer Profile on Telecom, Brazil, 2015 and 2020




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